List of Tecno Android Phones Problems and Solutions HERE

Tecno Mobile has however provided their customers with the Latest Android Smartphones running on high screen density, resolutions, 18:9 aspect ratio of edge-edge, high end performance, fingerprint scanner, long lasting battery, powerful dual camera and many others but that doesn’t stop the company from giving solutions to simple problems.

Right now, almost all the newer phones develop one issue or the other even after weeks, months, years, decades, generations of purchasing it and that doesn’t exempt even the iPhone X that freezes most times after months of launching the phone.

These has also happened to Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and many other bigger brands, you can think of but the issue here, is when they do not pay attention to the updates and solving issues that matters. Below are the many issues some Tecno and other Phones faces and solutions.

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tecno l9 plus phone

Tecno Android Phones Problems and Solutions

Now, lets get started with the most popular ones before others.

*. Question: How to make your phone run faster?

Answer: 1. Clear your App Cache (30 seconds): Setting — Storage — Cached data (You can also use a third party app such as App Cache Cleaner)

2. Disable Bloatware (60 seconds): Setting — Applications Manager — (Select the apps you want to get rid of)

3. Disable Animations (60 seconds): Setting — About phone — Build number — Developer Options — Window animation scale– Animation to off — Select Transition animation scale & Animation duration scale and set each to off

4. Disable Lock Screen Animations (30 seconds): Setting — Lock screen — Unlock effect — Choose None

*. Question: How to fix a phone dropped in water?

Answer: Do the following;

1. Take the device out of water immediately.

2. Don’t press any button and just remove the battery.

3. Give the outside a good dry with a towel or tissue, do not use hair dryer or baking it beside stove.

4. Fill a container with dry rice and bury the phone, after two days you can try to turn it back on.

*. Question: Does your device charge smoothly lately?

Answer: Remember to clean up the debris inside the microUSB port also the charging cable, and never charge near water or in excessively hot or humid conditions.

*. Question: What should I do if my phone is not ringing for an incoming call?

Answer: Try the following troubleshooting tips:

1. Ensure that your phone is on and that there is sufficient signal strength.

2. Signal strength is indicated by the signal indicators at the left side of the phone’s display. These indicators move up as the strength of the signal increases and down as the signal decreases.

3. To increase your phone s signal strength, try moving your phone slightly, or move towards a window if you are calling from inside a building.

4. If the phone s profile is set to Silent, Flight, Offline, or any other profile where ringing is silenced, it will not ring.

5. Change the profile to General or Normal as instructed in the user guide. Check also the settings of your active profile, especially Ringing tone, Ringing type and Ringing volume.

6. You may also try another Ringing tone, for example built-in tune, to rule out possible corruption of a transferred ringing tone.

7. Make sure that call divert is not activated. Check if the headset is attached to your phone. For some phone models, the ring does not come through the speaker, only through the headset.

8. Make sure your device is running the latest software.

9. For downloads and assistance, go to your local mobile phone website s support page.

Question:What is an IMEI number of the mobile handset and how can we get it?

Answer: The IMEI number is a 15 digit number unique to a mobile handset which can help in tracking your mobile phone if it is lost. Just key in *#06# on your cellular phone and it will display its IMEI number. Note it down safely.

Question: What is PIN number and what to do if SIM gets blocked?

Answer: As soon as you insert a SIM Card in any Handset it asks for PIN (Personal Identification Number) which is a password that is known to the authorized user only. The PIN code can be set to protect your SIM card from unauthorized use.

To prevent continuous attempts to “guess” the PIN number the SIM card automatically gets locked-up after three consecutive wrong entries. If the SIM card is locked-up, the “Blocked” message will appear and an unlocking code will be needed. Further repeat wrong entries of PIN may lead to damage of card.

The blocked SIM can be then opened through PUK number (PIN Unlocking code) which can be obtained from your service provider after establishing your identity. The PUK is an 8 digit code available with your cellular service provider. Also one should remember that 10 times successive wrong entries of PUK number may damage the SIM card forever.

Question: How To Turn Off Auto Correction?

Answer: Hate the fact that your phone is going English teacher mode on you? Turn off auto-correction for peace of mind when texting.
– Go to Settings > Language & input.
– Tap on the settings icon next to the keyboard that you are using, e.g. Google Keyboard.
– Look for Auto-correction and tap on it.
– Select Off to turn auto-correction off.

Question:How to change Your Default Apps in The Settings Menu?.

Answer: Ever want to change the default web browser your phone uses when you click on a link? You can change this and other defaults by navigating to Settings, head over to All, and press Clear Defaults.

Question:How to Fix the Problem of Syncing error

Answer: There are numerous steps you can take to address problems with syncing. First, ensure that you are connected to the Internet, and that the service you are trying to sync with, such as Google or Dropbox, isn’t down. Double check that your password is correct and try syncing again.
Still having problems? Remove the account from your device and add it again.

Question:Some Quick Fixes For Connectivity Issues?

Answer: If you are having a problem connecting to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or your cellular network, enable Airplane mode for 30 seconds, toggle it off, and try connecting again. Sometimes simply toggling the specific connection can also solve the problem.
Still having issues? Try repairing or setting up your Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi network again.

Question: How To Fix The Problem of Phone Gets Hot?

The biggest concern here is that there could be something physically wrong with the battery, and it is overheating – this in turn can lead to battery drain problems or worse. One way to check for battery problems is to remove it from your phone and place it on a flat surface. If it spins freely when you rotate it (try turning it over as well), the bulge that makes this possible is indicative of a problem that needs to be addressed. It could be a simple matter of buying a replacement battery, but it’s worth taking your phone into an authorized repair shop to get it checked out.

If your battery seems to be physically OK, it’s worth checking that your phone and all of its apps are fully up to date. To ensure that you have all of the latest updates for your phone, head to the More section of Settings and tap About Device. Now tap Software Update followed by Update. Download anything that is detected and you can then check for updates for your apps. Fire up the Play Store app, head to My apps and hit Update All to grab any available patches. Having the latest versions of your apps is always a good way to save battery life.

Question: How To Check For Android System Updates?

Answer: For Android users that are using stock ROM, you may want to look for new updates to your system. To check for updates:
– Go to Settings > About phone/tablet.
– Tap on System updates.
– Tap Check now to look for system updates.

Question: How to Cut, Copy and Paste?

Answer: This looks simple but can be tricky sometimes when you use different apps. In general, these steps can be used in Email or some other apps:

1. Double-tap or touch-and-hold to select a word.

2. Drag the handles to adjust the area if needed, then tap Cut or Copy.

3. Tap an insert point, and drag the handle to adjust it if needed.

4. Select Paste (Hint: tab the handle when the ‘Paste’ button doesn’t appear).

Note: When working in a web browser such as Android’s Browser, use touch-and-hold to select a word since “”double-tap”” has been used to enlarge or reduce a webpage.

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Question: How to extend your battery performance?

Answer: 1. If your phone has an AMOLED screen (like most Samsungs), use a dark colored background, because AMOLED screens only illuminate the colored pixels. Black pixels are unlit, so the more black pixels you have, or the more darker pixels, the less battery you need to light them up.

2. Using darker app backgrounds/themes and darker launcher themes will further prolong your battery life (if your device has an AMOLED screen).

3. Don’t use display auto-brightness. It may sound good, but auto-brightness is usually way brighter than you really need. It’s much better to manually set a super low brightness level that is still comfortable, and then just bump it up when necessary. This is one of the main ways to improve your battery life as the screen is one of the biggest battery suckers.

4. Switch off vibrate. Unless you really need that added awareness, turn off vibration. It actually takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it. Turn off haptic feedback too. Sure it feels cool, but it doesn’t really add anything to your experience, and it’s another battery drainer.

5. Only use original batteries or respected third party manufacturer batteries. Saving a few bucks on a battery that might damage your beloved smartphone is a poor choice indeed, and may also deliver sub-standard battery performance.

6. Set your display’s screen timeout to as short a time as is practical for you. Just think, if your screen timeout is set to a minute, it’ll use four times the amount of power to have it on, every time you switch your screen on, than if your timeout is set to 15 seconds. Studies report the average smartphone user turns their smartphone on 150 times a day, so anything you can do to limit that frequency (through self-control or other methods listed below) will help keep your battery running for longer.

7. Set ”sleep times” or ”blocking mode” to switch off Wi-Fi and mobile data when you don’t need them. If your phone is basically off limits at work, set your device to not ring, vibrate or connect to the internet while you’re at work. Likewise, you can set your phone to airplane mode when you’re asleep or use sleep or blocking modes to set up limits for what your phone does during certain times of the day, whether that’s while you’re asleep, at work or in a meeting. Get to know the specific settings your ROM offers. Not only will you have to fiddle with your phone less throughout the day (or night), but you’ll be saving on battery life too.

8. Turn off smart features like air gestures, smart scrolling and the like, especially if you have a Samsung. Unless you really use these features every day, they’re just using battery power for a feature you don’t use.

9. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and mobile data whenever you don’t need them. Turning off location data, or setting it to use Wi-Fi or 3G data rather than GPS works perfectly well. Only turn on Bluetooth and NFC as long as you need them, and there’s no need to have both Wi-Fi and mobile data turned on at all times. If you use Wi-Fi a lot though, say at home and at work, then it makes sense to keep set your Wi-Fi to ”Always on during sleep” as this uses less power than to have your Wi-Fi reconnecting every time you wake your phone.

10. Use lock screen widgets or notifications if your ROM supports them, or install an app that does it for you like Dynamic Notifications. You’ll be able to get basically all your content without having to unlock your phone fully and navigating around. You still need to light your screen up, but you’ll have it on for much less time than normal. If you have an AMOLED screen device, using a lock screen notification app with a black background can save your battery life significantly.

11. Ditch widgets you don’t really need, especially those that are connected to the internet like weather widgets.

12. Keep your apps updated. There’s a reason developers constantly update apps, and many of these reasons are memory and battery optimizations. Keeping your apps updated also means you have the best optimizations available. Likewise, delete old apps you no longer use, as these may be running background processes that chew up RAM and battery life.

13. If your phone has a battery or power saving mode or other battery management option, make use of it.

14. All ROMs, whether it’s stock Android, OEM UI’s like TouchWiz or custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, have various settings in the menu to help conserve or optimize battery consumption here and there. Find these various options for your device and ROM and make them work for you!

15. Turn off auto-syncing for Google accounts. If you don’t need every single Google account updated every fifteen minutes, just go into yourSettings and Google account and turn off auto-sync for those apps you don’t need constantly updated.

16. Set apps to update only when you launch them. If you rarely (or very frequently) open an app, it might be better to only have it update when you do so, rather than updating automatically all the time via push notifications or sync intervals. If you only check email once a day, why not let the app update then only, and if you’re on a widget or app every couple of hours anyway then why not have it update each time rather than every fifteen minutes when you’re not even looking at it.

Question:How to stop phone annoying you?

Answer: Here’s how:

1. On any of your unwanted notifications in your notification bar, long press on the notification for a message box to appear.

2. Tap on App Info > Untick Show Notifications > OK.

Question:How to save your network traffic

Answer: 1. when you need to open Internet access
At the end of the flow switch is turned off the Internet , avoiding some of the updated version of the software automatically upload data , reducing unnecessary traffic loss.

2. after watching the movie you want to download
After watching the movie online watch consume more traffic than downloading because: watch online but also to maintain real-time error correction program operation , while p2p mode online cinema will also provide video resources for other phones , consume a lot of traffic.

3. does not prohibit the firewall software used to connect networks
From the phone comes with a firewall , you can see all the programs can connect to the network , and take up those unwanted traffic procedures prohibit them.

4. install traffic management software
Many such software , there will be some security software with this feature. Through traffic control management software , you can compare intuitive, methodical management of these online programs.

5. No map view
In fact, browsing the web , traffic is the most expensive picture . An article is generally only a few dozen pages K, a clear picture could reach several hundred K, so there is no very necessary, you can not look at those pictures .

6. low pixel image upload
If you upload a picture or a picture album , can appear low-resolution pictures. The phone itself is very small, low-resolution images in the phone will be very clear point of view .

7. browser savings flow
For Internet browsing , installing a good browser can easily help you save traffic , set up is simple. For example : UCWEB great.

8. to choose their own Internet traffic packages
If you used the mobile Internet , it may wish to apply for the appropriate flow of packages , which can really save a lot of expenses for you.

Question: Why my phone getting slower yet ?

Answer: Here we will teach you about accelerating your phone skills :

1. Do not use live wallpapers
Dynamic wallpaper really interesting, but it will take some resources , in order to make your system run faster Andrews faster , better get moving wallpaper off, replaced by a static wallpaper it.

2. less some desktop gadgets
Some friends may think your Android plugin to add some gadgets , you will find it particularly convenient , but also reduce the phone’s operating speed , if you uninstall the widget on the desktop, you will obviously feel the system smoothly degree has improved a lot .

3. turn off background applications
We can install an application on a mobile phone management software , such as monitoring tools , when you do not use the application , you can turn it off to save memory.

4. restore factory settings
On the phone all the personalized settings will likely cause a decline in the speed of the phone , you can try to restore the factory settings it because the original manufacturer of the system is the result of repeated testing and setting up good .

5. Pay special attention to that before restoring factory settings to be backed up in advance , if not ahead of backup data in the phone will be lost .

Question:Why the downloaded apps are missing?

Answer: Go to “Settings-Storage”. Press “Unmount SD card”. After the phone finishing unmounting process, press “Mount SD card”. You’ll find that the apps appear again in the Menu~

*. Question: My phone doesn’t pre-install the T-band app. How can I use the T-band bracelet?

Answer: You should download the T-band app from GooglePlay or PalmPlay app stores. Please search “T-band” , then you will find it.

*. Question: Could all of the TECNO Android phone use T-band’s all function?

Answer: No. TECNO smartphones with Android 6.0 or 7.0 can realize all T-band functions. But Android 5.x phones cannot use remote control camera function.

*. Question: Why do I always fail with eyes-ball unlock?

Answer:You should note the following essential:

1. When you record eyeprint, be best not to wear glasses;
2. When unlocked, holding the box on the screen is blue;
3. When scanning the eye, keep the phone steady;

Question: Why am I always failed when I do a super screenshot?

Answer: 1.The interface which you want to snap must support super screenshot;

2.Glide the screen from the top, then select Screenshot,

3.Select the super shot icon, when the screen roll for a while, press the screen to stop the roll, then you will get a super screen picture

Question: Why am I always failed when I test to set split screen mode?

Answer: Because not every app can support split screen mode. If the app can support split screen mode, when you click multitask button, the button will translate from a square to double rectangle. Click the double rectangle or drag the app to the top, we will get the split screen mode.

Question: But I feel the metal body is scalding! And I’m afraid of the phone will be damaged.

Answer: The feeling of human body under different temperature:
– Less than 35ºC: feel normal;
– 35-37ºC: feel a little hot;
– 37-40ºC: feel very hot;
– More than 40ºC: feel scalding;
– But most of the electronic components can endure less than 90ºC, so don’t worry about overheat.
– If you feel the phone is too hot, we suggest to launch Hi-Manager, and optimize memory, after part of background app terminated, the temperature will be lower.

Question: The metal body is too hot!

Answer: Compare with plastic, metal conducts heat more easily. So phone with metal body is not prone to overheating crashes and other failures. Then it’s more safety, no need to worry about metal back-shell is hotter than other phones.

If you are living in west Africa, because of the weather is too hot, the temperature of phones will be higher than in other regions.

Question: I do not like phones with metal body, I prefer phones with plastic shell.

Answer: Advantages of metal body:

1. Because high strength of the metal, metal body have more compression, tensile & kink strength; then the mobile phones have a longer life;

2. Because high hardness of the metal, metal body can resist more scratch & grazing; then the mobile phones is more safety;

3. Compared to general plastic shell, metal material body can upgrade style of visual sense. Most high-end mobile phone use a metal shell.

Question: Why am I always failed when I want to do a quick capture by double clicking volume key?

Answer: Because this function can only be realized when the screen is extinct. If the screen is alight, nothing will happen when double click the volume- key.
Why am I always failed when I want to snap by fingerprint?

If you want to snap by fingerprint, please switch on this function and launch camera, then stop your finger on the fingerprint sense for a little while.

Question: Why L9 series don’t support 4G LTE? I only want a long standby phone with 4G.

Answer: 1. L9 Series can support 3.9G technology. The speed is definitely closed to 4G. If you play videos by L9 series, it will be smooth as you use LTE phones.

2. The cover of 3G network is more thorough than 4G network in Africa, therefore if you are always under the 3G network, you will get more power saving, and you can use your mobile phone for a longer time.

Question: How to set wink emoticon on your phone?

Answer: Go to {Settings} —> Tap {About Phone} —> Quick Tap {Android Version} for multi-times (Suitable for all Android Phone)

Question: How to identify if your phone is Genuine?

Answer: Download and install 【QR Code】 app Tap 【Scan】 Scan the QR code ON THE BATTERY of your phone Tap 【Open in Browse】 You’ll see the identification result right away.

This are the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers that are available on the official Tecno FAQ Page but if your problem isn’t here, don’t forget you can make use of the comment box below.

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  • My phone problem is not on your list the problem is i have to be removing the battery every 48hours before the screen touch can work what can i do its just 4months old

    • Hello Samuel, when your screen touch keeps behaving in such manner, start by cleaning it with a lint-free cloth but if that doesn’t work, then you have to move further by putting your phone in a safe mode;

      *. Power off your device
      *. Then push and hold the power button
      *. Now, release the power button and hold the volume down button when you see the phone brand logo appear.
      *. Release the volume down button when the home screen appears with Safe Mode in the bottom left corner.

      That is it, as most times, apps and program can cause your touch screen to malfunction!

  • Hi, I have issues with the receiver of my phone since last week and the phone is about 4 month old. The receiver is not functioning well, at times it does work, right now it is now and I have to receive calls on loudspeaker or through earpiece. What can I do. Thanks

    • Hello Rodiat, I believe that your phone didn’t fall on the ground or inside the water.
      – First step is to check your settings, if everything is still the same, reboot the phone, no change?
      – Now try backing up your files and then factory reset your phone and lastly;
      – You’d have to visit a phone technician, possibly, the company’s technician.

      I did love your feedback.

    • Hello Nath, the possible causes is either the settings, which might be set to auto-restart at a particular time or its applications malware. Reset your settings or back it up and factory reset it.

  • I have connection problem even with wifi noting is loading no apps like play store, you tube, Gmail, etc and i have try everything change sim cards and still the problem continues what do i do

  • hello, my problem is that my phone is rejecting new messages and telling me that my storage memory is full where as I can use it to snap and receive videos

  • Good morning, my tecno camon x has gone off on its own and is refusing to come on . The phone is just a week old, what do I do? Thanks

    • Hello Cynthia, Camon X? Am actually holding the phone and have been using it for the past 3weeks, such issue hasn’t arise.
      Anyways, there are some cautious steps that you need to follow but firstly, try Plugging your battery to the Socket for charging. This usually helps the phone to wake up easily.

      I hope, your phone did not fall down on the floor, water or any liquid!

  • Good evening, plz my camon CM can only browse with WI FI even when my data is on and I always make sure my WI FI is off yet it shows me waiting for WI FI network (especially during download with play store). Plz what do I do

  • Good evening, plz my camon CM can only browse with WI FI even when my data is on and I always make sure my WI FI is off yet it shows me waiting for WI FI network (especially during download with play store). Plz what do I do because I have done factory reset

  • please I have a problem with my Tecno 7 I want to turn off HD calling I don’t like the sound.where should I go to turn it off

    • Hi Iyke, there is the availability of the eject pin, you will notice a pin hole by the right hand side above the volume button, now insert the pin there and a tray will come out, put your sim card, micro sd card and slide it back into the phone.
      eject pin

  • My phone screen is not visible and it will be off while I use is techno i5 can be off after camera using

  • Hi, my phone’s screen light always go off on it’s own at a particular time every day secondly, my personalized ringing tone always go back to the phone’s default ringing tone each time I put it off and on again and there’s no provision in the settings for default ringing tone it only has default notification tone.
    Please I need your help.

  • Hey ?? I purchased a new tecno wx3 pro and it was boxed some two days ago. It has a tendancy of getting hot when it is charging even when i am using it plus its takes long to get charged but it quickly loses power. It does not keep power for long time yet it has 5000amh. What could be the problem??

  • I have a tecno phone k 9.the bak camera and front camera just stoped working.when i try to use it the battery drains quickly and i have to restart it so that it work in a normal way.

  • Hello admin…my Tecno L9 won’t just browse the internet, I can’t see the H+ sign on the signal bar. I have tried switching off and on, airplane mode, restored factory settings, switch data off and on, etc. But it wouldn’t just come on.

  • I got my Cam x few months it keep shutting down and I keep getting notifications about 83pecent of the ram has used and inhale do the clean up the Same problem coming up this make me think that this came memories are fake it is not really up to what they said

  • I have a problem with the Double tap function for Tecno Camon X Pro. I can double tap to lock the phone, but the double tap to unlock the phone is no longer working. When i double tap now i cant unlock the phone, I have to use the side button

  • i have issues with my Techno L9 Plus, most times the sim card read emergency calls only or no network, i cant browse, i cant make or receive calls, note i have tried three different carrier sim cards, all the same. pls what do I do, getting frustrated!

  • I don’t received bank alart /OTP on my tecno y75, but immediately i insert the sim on another phone i will received it. Meanwhile i received other messages on my y75 just the bank alert and OTP. So what should i do please?

  • My techno l9 can’t receive files through xender. It is always saying file not found. I’ve updated my Android system and xender and it is still the same way. What do i do

  • Hi my techno spark screen is black… It’s working since I can hear sounds but I can’t see anything ND it didn’t fall in water or any liquid

  • Hi admin The front camera icon of my Tecno L9 plus has disappear since morning Help me ooo d phone is just 3month old

    • Hi, try the following steps.

      1) “Try to clear the cache and data of the Camera app. Some have reported this solved some issues they had with the Camera app.”

      2) For those of you who haven’t requested a new device could you boot in safe mode to see if the problem persists.

      Ensure your device’s screen is on, then press & hold the Power button.

      Touch & hold the Power off option in the dialog box.

      Touch OK in the following dialog to start safe mode.

      Expecting your reply.

  • my tecno phone is rejecting calls from some of my contacts, please what could be the cause? and i have no contact blocked

  • my tecno f3 pro,back camera is not working,it doesn’t even show where i can change from front to back camera…how can i fix it

  • Hi, I accidentally put my tecno w3lte in the drink holder of my car which had some water, it got partially submerged, so when I got it I didn’t see that water had dripped inside, I thought it was some mist on the screen, which I wiped out. I switched on my phone after, a 10 minutes or so, I just saw the screen turn blank and there was a some swishing sounds coming, I quickly removed the battery, so is it safe for me to clean the phone, can methylated spirit do?

  • my techno wx3p is not bringing pictures after snapping with camera it would just bring blank image.pls what can I do ,the is just two weeks old.

  • i dont know whats wrong with my tecnol9 i switched it off and decided to on it back this morning and its asking me to set up my phone and have been trying to do that i dont understand again

  • My tecno camon in 5 mobile jst only crossed 2 months…its getting hang frequently whenever i use whatsapp application… How to solve it… I hav already consulted with service centre 3times…and they did jst a software update… Getting irritate on this phone… Plz if u have solution update me…

  • my 3 weeks old camon X is frustrating my life. After password has been entered it will not still restart. It also boots like forever. pls help me

    • Hi, Camon X is aiming at the failure of Tecno most ambitious Smartphone series, anyways, you are advised to factory reset your Smartphone by holding the up and down volume keys then the power button.

  • My tecno W3 just switched off few minutes after I finished making call and has refused to turn on since yesterday… I’ve removed the battery severally ,charged it but to no avail. How can I solve this problem, pls help me

  • My phantom 6plus started to off and on itself on its own when I wanted to touch any app on screen. After charging if completely 100 when its off. Started it again, as I was browsing WhatsApp. It suddenly went off and started showing factory mode. I couldn’t do anything on my phone for 30 minutes now.


  • Hello, I am getting frustrated already, my phone navigation system is not working, right now am using someone’s phone to type this because I can’t use my phone’s navigation key.

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