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How to Subscribe & Pay for Zuku Satellite Packages TV Bouquets in Kenya

    Well, Kenyans are guided with a lot of experienced Pay Tv services provider and Zuku is one of the best! Their packages are more likely to the price of the other Multi choice company such as GOTv, Startimes and many others.

    They offer High quality and affordable satellite packages. Anyway, Zuku is a product of Wananchi Group, has been in Kenya for a while. And its satellite TV offers in excess of 100 local and international channels, categorized under bouquets that are priced differently.

    Zuku satellite

    Right now, the company has three Satellite TV bouquets; Zuku Premium, Zuku Classic and Zuku Smart Pack.. Meanwhile, there is also a fiber Internet and free phone services. In order to get phone and Internet services, you must be connected to Zuku fiber.

    Subscribers enjoy quality TV entertainment through the three Zuku packages. The company also offers affordable broadband through the Zuku satellite. Zuku TV is known for its value-for-money products.

    Some Differences with Zuku Kenya Satellite and others

    Anyway, you mustn’t compare Zuku Packages until, you have successfully gone through others. Firstly, Zuku only operates on a satellite platform unlike GOtv, StarTimes, and Bamba all of which require a normal aerial.

    That is to say, in order to access Zuku channels, a satellite receiver has to be in place. And also if you want to access any of the channels featured on Zuku and other channels on Signet and Pang, you will have to subscribe to one of the packages offered.

    Unlike others, Zuku does not offer free packages. If you want to access any of the channels featured on Zuku and other channels on KBC’s subsidiary Signet and Pang, you will have to subscribe to one of the packages offered.

    Zuku satellite packages

    Zuku Kenya Satellite TV Bouquets and Subscription costs

    Remember, the Zuku Satellite has different packages, services and many others. As said above, they have three Satellite TV bouquets, which includes; Zuku Premium, Zuku Classic and Zuku Smart Pack.

    Zuku Smart Bouquet

    The Zuku Bouquet now goes for Ksh399 per month. It has 42 TV channels and 18 radio channels.

    *. Zuku classic Bouquet

    This package goes for Ksh999 per month, has 76 TV channels, 55 Radio channels and local TV channels.

    *. Zuku Premium Bouquet

    This packages goes for Ksh1,399 per month, has 97 video channels, 55 radio channels and all the local channels.

    *. Zuku Asian Package

    Zuku Kenya also has an Asian package that has in excess of 27 channels and is available for Ksh999 per month.

    zuku asian packages

    The decoder retails at Ksh. 2, 499. If you want a full kit, you will have to produce Ksh. 3,999. The package comes with a free one-month Premium subscription.

    This amount does not include the installation fee which is usually Ksh. 1,000. After the one month elapses, the customer is free to choose from the three available options.

    How to Pay for Zuku Packages

    And you can also receive Zuku internet services from the same service provider. To me, it is actually very convenient when it comes to making payments since you will pay for TV and the internet all at once.

    Zuku offers several payment options. These are through:

    *. Mobile money
    *. M-Pesa -Business number 320320
    *. Airtel Money-Business name: ZUKUSAT, Equitel-Business number 320320, various banks, bank agents, through banking apps.

    Zuku packages satellite

    Contact Address

    Site Contact Page:
    Tel: 020 3610 000
    Email: [email protected]

    Offline Contacts

    Zuku Kenya also have other head offices are located in the Gateway Park, Block E, Ground Floor, Mombasa Road, Nairobi.
    There are also other offices at TRM, in Nyali, Mombasa, Parklands, and other towns across Kenya. Over the time, Zuku has proven to be in the best position after DSTv! So what are you waiting for?