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Yahoo messenger to redirect to Squirrel app on July 17th

    Yahoo messenger users should gear-up for new change

    Finally, Yahoo would be redirecting its instant messaging app to Squirrel group messaging app and the users are now advised to download their messages within the next 6-months.

    That said, if you are using Yahoo messenger, you would have to view and download all your chat history within six months and the app will be redirected on July 17th.

    Yahoo has been reportedly testing a new app called Squirrel and it is currently in beta mode but officially, it will be open to the public once Yahoo messenger has been shut down.

    verizon bought yahoo

    Although, Yahoo instant messaging might not be popular as other messenger out there but it was among the top first desktop to bring smooth and seamless chat between users but the likes of whatsapp, facebook messenger and many others had to outshine it.

    This isn’t the first time, Yahoo would be updating their messenger app, they did it long time ago, but still under the same name; but it brought a whole new design and features. On July 17th, there would be a change of story!