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An engaging $179 wireless earring ear buds for women

Of course, Women are blessed and fortunate to have shiny silver earrings, glittering gold earrings, expensive and luxurious jewelries, but when tech comes in, those amazing fine-cutting edge customized jewelries turns into a soft wireless earrings ear buds.

Introducing to you is the latest everyday stuff turns into tech, this is wireless earring ear buds for women! Luckily, we do have, tiny and big wireless headphones, earbuds for use, but what about having that stainless wireless earring ear buds!

The company behind this amazing project products is called Scandi Electronics, known as Swings Bluetooth Earrings caters and they are based on combining fashion with tech, they are focused on creating Bluetooth earrings for pierced ears!

The inventor, Melissa Eldridge, lives in Milford. The wireless earrings earbuds looks nice and attractive, you can get it as wireless earbuds for men also, but you can switch in-between jewelry and technology.

swings earring earbuds
Image credit: Theverge

To do that, hand it like an everyday earring and the audio will commence playing, they claims that there’s in-built motion accelerators. Comes in two models: basic earring and an athletic version.

The basic earring is black all-through, and the athletic version is the combination of white and a thin metal surrounding the earbuds. Although they are variables of colors to choose with the metal stripping around it.

Has a good battery life of 5-hours, the charging case holds up to 24 hours of battery life, and takes 15 minutes to add three hours of listening to the headphones. For women forgetting that you own some earrings during rainfall or shower, note that the wireless earrings bug isn’t a water resistance.

And like other Bluetooth wireless devices, it comes with dual microphones, you can take calls with the swings, call on Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

How much is the wireless earring ear buds?

It is a kickstarter project, but with the way, people are loving it, you can now pledged few dollars to get yourself a pair of the stunning device. And will make way to stores during April 2019, far right?

A pair of the wireless earring ear buds is priced around $179, that is only when pledged for it. While $349 can get you a pair of the earrings with Swarovski crystals. There are 45 days to hit $200,000 to see if Swings will be a hit or miss.

There are many other wireless earring earbuds but this particular one has to do with piercing of your ear. It avoids other trending design, such as fixing inside your ear, around your neck down to your ear, or from above to inside your ears.

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