An 0345 line by cNumber is a unique phone number used by various businesses, government bodies and organizations.

Unlike the traditional landline phone numbers, 0345 lines aren’t tied to explicit geographic locations. 0345 numbers are also very different from cNumber’s freephone 0800 and 0808 lines corresponding how much do 0345 numbers cost. As they are not free.

However, they can be dialed at no extra charge on various phone tariffs. You can read more about available rates on the cNumber site. For now, here are a few reasons why these lines are often the first choice for businesses.

0345 Numbers are Familiar

0345 numbers are likely to appeal to many people as they are simple national lines. Rather than throwing out an imposing 0845 number or a mobile line that’s just going to connect to someone privately. Instead of setting up with an 0345 number gives customers a little more reassurance.

It also reassures them that the business is based in the country. Many people prefer to call centers and services based in the UK. And an 0345 number is likely to supply that kind of confidence.

Even if the business has no access to a physical office or line at the moment, it’s no issue. Users can still set up an 0345 service to act as though there is a fixed office.

It’s a Great 0845 Alternative

Switching from 0845 to 0345 is a great move for businesses. They can be making sure that people can still feel confident and happy calling. As well as ensuring they have no worries about running up any premium fees.

What’s more, it looks great on the business image.


It’s a cost saver

0345 lines really help those who are running a small business. Especially those who can’t afford to foot the full bill for all 0800 charges from customers just yet. As such, it makes sense to set up with 0345, a great middle-ground which people will still be willing to call.

Relocate Anywhere

With an 0345 number, there is never any need to worry about being stuck in one physical location. Businesses can be set up on a mobile basis, meaning that they don’t have to share out a mobile number just to keep on the go.

This is good for startups and small businesses who haven’t found a physical footing anywhere in their local area, or nationwide. Setting up an 0345 number is great to ensure they have an office of sorts for people to call. Even if they are yet to set up such physical premises.

It’s a brilliant way to stay ahead of the curve!


Setting up 0345 numbers is a great way to help push a business to the right people. This call prefix could help grow any business, make things cheaper for customers, and help change its perception. For those curious on how much do 0345 numbers cost, make sure to check the lines on offer by cNumber!

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