What’s the difference between inverter generators and conventional models.

Inverter generators are relatively new in the market.

Well, you’d easily see conventional models in the backyard of most homes. They are quite bulky and produce a lot of noise and carbon dioxide.

This makes them unsuitable for some environments.

On the other hand, inverter generators utilize a special kind of technology that converts AC to DC current and back to AC for clean use. These models are portable and can be easily transported or put in the back of the car or your Rv.

Overall, both generators have their own perks and perils. However, we’d be taking a look at why inverter generators are largely considered to be advantageous than conventional options.

Inverter Generators

Here are some reasons below;

Table of Interest

Fuel Efficiency

Yes, generators consume fuel, but others consume more. Choosing a good generators narrows down to fuel efficiency alongside other factors. In fact, when it comes to buying a generator, it is advised you choose a model conserves fuel.

Inverters utilize special built in mechanism to minimize the consumption of fuel. Thus, considerably run for longer periods compared to conventional generators. generatorswift reviews top silent generators, check them out for great models you can purchase.


After many experiences with deafening sounds. You’ll need something more quieter..

Conventional models come with over 60 decibels of sound output. It is considered loud for most neighborhood. As I’ve mentioned earlier, inverter’s run silently. Why?

They employ mufflers and dampening materials to mitigate sound.  The result is a quieter output that won’t have the neighbors griping and looking out the window in contempt.


As mentioned earlier, if you want a model you can lift and put in the back of your back sit and go unnoticed, then you have to pick inverter models. They usually don’t take much space and are lighter compared to other models.

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