Every time a brand name manufacturer releases a new phone, critics and phone examine the devices to identify new features, its strengths and flaws carefully.

Everyone wants to use the best phone, after all. Unfortunately, developers have become predictable, which is why finding a device that could remain relevant for years isn’t easy.

Or is it? Samsung might have introduced the phone of the decade last year with the Galaxy S9. The device looks strikingly similar to the S8, but Samsung corrected all that was wrong with its devices when it produced the S9.

It has since then released the Galaxy S10, but there are enough reasons to believe the S9 will remain the company’s best phone for years. Below are some of these reasons.

The Elegant Design and Impressive Display

Although the Galaxy looks much the same as the S8, it looks exquisite. Its sleek design that includes curved glass on both the front and back side makes you feel like you’re holding a brittle screen. Yet, the gorilla glass the phone is made of could survive pretty rough knocks or falls.

Of course, you don’t want to drop the device intentionally. But even if you did, the Galaxy S9 comes up looking great. Speaking of a fresh look, the 6.2-inch display from the phone provides the kind of high resolution you’d except from one of the best android phone developers.

Compared to the Galaxy S8 and previous generations, the S9 features the least bezel on both the top and bottom section. It also produces brighter displays, which comes in handy during sunny days.

If you hold the S7, the S8 and the S8, you might not tell the difference in their weight. Yet, the S9 is surprisingly heavier that its forerunners albeit not by much. It weighs 163 grams to be specific. It’s also relatively thick at 8.5mm but Samsung promises the extra weight is all worth it.

Galaxy S9


When the S9 first came out, it cost $719. Obviously, that made it one of the most expensive android phones at the time. But in the usual smart gadgets’ trend, the phone’s price decreased sharply over the next few months.

Presently, if you want to purchase a new Galaxy S9 device, you can get it for $439. If you decide to purchase a used device, you could own one from as little as $319. That’s nearly half its price at the same time last year.

By comparison, the Galaxy S8 costs $365 while the S7 costs $300. You would save significant cash if you were to purchase the S7, which is only three inches shorter than the S9 at 5.5 inches. But would it be worth it? Find out in this comparison guide of the galaxy S7 vs S9 phones.

Compared to other top of the line phones like the iPhone X and Huawei’s P20 or P30, the S9 is suddenly an affordable smartphone. The iPhone X costs $899 while the P20 Pro costs $551. The phone costs almost the same price as the S8, though.

Performance Beast

Featuring the powerful Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB to 6GB of RAM and up to 128GB in storage space, the S9 promises incredible speeds at processing graphics, videos and all sorts of apps. Whether you decide to play complex mobile games or edit videos, the S9 is equipped to handle your business effortlessly.

To be fair, there are more powerful smartphones out there, including the S10 and the iPhone X. But for its price and ability to handle modern day applications, the S9 is an impressively powerful phone. Again, there are areas where the S9 smokes out all its competitors in performance.

When it comes to Internet performance, for instance, the S9 supports an Internet speed in the upwards of 70Mbps in downloads and 10 Mbps for uploads. By comparison, the iPhone X supports 48Mbps and 7.7Mbps respectively.

What’s more, the device is loaded with numerous shortcuts to help you access features quickly. The App air icon, for example, lets you launch two apps in tandem. That can be useful in plenty of ways, like when you want to send an email before you login to Facebook.

Auto Adjusting Camera

One of the best features in the Galaxy S9 is fitted in its camera system. Named the variable aperture, it auto adjusts the phone’s rear camera to let in more or less light depending on the weather. The camera also features exclusive memory to minimize noise, allowing you to focus better and take more impressive pictures.

While the back camera features 12 megapixels, the selfie camera isn’t shabby either at eight megapixels. But since the variable aperture only works for the rear camera, you might want to limit taking selfies in the presence of adequate lighting.

When it comes to capturing videos, the S9 performs better some video recorders. With its Slo-Mo feature, you could record HD videos at 960 frames per seconds. By comparison, the iPhone X can only handle 240fps albeit taking full HD videos.

Galaxy s9

Battery Capacity and Durability

The Galaxy S9’s batter life is simply phenomenal. With its ability to last 11 hours, you can go an entire work day plus a few more hours before the phone powers off. Of course, it can’t keep charge for that long if you spend all day playing online multi-player games.

But when put to a test, the S9 can hold charge for over 10 hours, which is still incredible. For comparison, the S9 keeps charge longer than the iPhone X but it lags a tad bit behind the S8 and Google’s Pixel 2XL.

Bells and Whistles

In case you haven’t been using Samsung’s products, the giant manufacture now presents a digital assistant named Bixby. It’s curiously smart and can identify plenty of things by pointing them with the phone’s camera.

Another unique feature on the device is the place finder which works with the help of Bixby. To use it, you need to point at foods or products you want to purchase the feature tells you the nearest place to find them.

To Conclude

The S9 delivered everything Samsung fans have always asked for in a phone. It’s beautiful by design, durable, easy to use and affordable. It keeps charge for long, displays content in impressive quality and processes apps faster than many more expensive smartphones.

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