2019 Whatsapp Girls Phone Number for Friendship and Online Dating

We have virtually all the countries Whatsapp Girls Number for you. Most blogs out there publish articles with ‘not so correct girls number but here, we review to you, the real and latest Whatsapp girls number for you. Especially Whatsapp Girls Number for Friendship, Whatsapp girls number for flirting, Whatsapp girls phone numbers, Whatsapp Girl Real Number, Girl Number Whatsapp and many more other goodies for you.

Whatsapp is one of the greatest, biggest and popular messaging app nationwide. Whatsapp connects people together, men and women, boys and girls. Whatsapp help one to make a lot of friends, flirt, enroll into relationships and eventually gets married. This isn’t the first time, messaging app and social media has connected a lot of people.

Today, we are going to show you a great deal of phone numbers that will help and keep you in contact with a lot of beautiful girls out there. Whatsapp is an engaging platform for young people out there. So, if you are looking for the girls with lush features, then this is the right place for you. Are you ready to venture into another aspect of exploring Whatsapp than just chatting merely and laughing with your friends? Then guys, you can get to know more girls with this serious listing.

Note: We’ve almost all the country’s girls number for you. Search carefully, slowly and cautiously. You will definitely find the best for your self. Although, the first might not be the best for you, hey, don’t worry, we’ve got several numbers for you to check out. One thing, we’ll confidentially tell you is that, they are all good looking with inner and outer beautiful face, character and your best Whatsapp status.

malaysian girl

Bangladeshi Girl Number

Bangladesh is a South Asia country, located at the east of India on the Bay of Bengal. Their girls are really one of the best thing that have ever happened to mother earth. They are really beautiful, simple, intelligent, lovely and people love them for their humor character, very funny. Do you wanna see, chat and make friends with Bangladeshi girls? Then this is the best time for you to get your hit with Bangladeshi Girls Whatsapp number!

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Bangladeshi Girl Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
SadiaIn faith, I understand life21+8801761682778
SoniaThe world is another place for a futuristic idea and innovation19+8801761682778
OrrpaI love the way I look21+8801814764565
Shella EsrekI Love those that loves me and still loves those that hate me20+8801902600877
SophiaHandsome guys is my thing28+8801814764565
HiridiIf one door closes, the other door opens19+8801902600877
AnigilaEverybody deserves a second chance20+8801711807619
SiriyaWe are all looking for the possibility of having a life worth the bed of roses24+880 3456278543
TimoniEveryone loves the way to heaven23+880 9784537286
RiahaAm always optimistic23+880 4576889092
FakumI love making new friends19+880 9765843528
NaumiI love painting, it is my thing23+880 9783456729

Portugal Girls Number List

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Portuguese girls are ready to chat, talk, discuss, flirt and make friends with you. All they need from you, is your full honesty. Portugal Girls are ready to make friends, they have provided their high rated Portugal Girl Phone Number!

Portugal Girl Number List

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
BelinayI love Mother Nature164111386590
LeonorI care for you206588723564
MarianaI am still energetic for my age!22+966546525840
MoriaHow would it be living up to 50 without having wrinkles on my face?28+971523311442
AzraIs the earth flat or peripheral shape?25+967 734 439 448
MoonThis is my number, let chat23977458638
LeahI feel like discussing with someone24+971521727828
AuroraSomeone should hold me18+94 77 406 8885
StarMouth shut!175849758364

Italian Girl Number for Friendship

Italian girls is the heart of having certainty of friendship for years. They comes with permanent friendship sense of humor, ready to be friends at a single chat and they also try to keep you comfortable, while chatting. Are you looking for Whatsapp girls number in Italy? Italian whatsapp girl number? Italian Whatsapp girls numbers? then you are in the right place.

Italian Girl Number for Friendship

NameWhatsapp StatusAGEPhone Number
NathalieAlways on the move281761682778
EmilySmile is good for health33+306955860399
LarisaFeeling the vibe21+393341555678
LucyaAlways online22+306955860399
BelyndaI miss you20+254716889947
LudmilaAlways busy23+33628521379
JamieAlways active21+2541902600877
ElenaMost times, our mothers are right24+254706361839

Indian Girl Phone Number

Even in the heart of making new friends, exploring the world and leaving your home for a more prosperous Journey, India is always the first and best place to go. India girls are rated top most beautiful country with lush girls. List of top beautiful desi Indian Girl Number. They don’t just look good, they can start a better friendship with you willingly and of course, with intelligence.

Indian Girl Phone Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
RashmikaI am meant to rise and stand tall19+91874589602
KinnariI love making new friends22+91965214784
RakshithaThe world is more beautiful with men23+91700254784
Srabani ThakurI feel tomorrow:)26+917681891747
Tanuja SamalA girl adding you to her Whatsapp is a modern sign of trust20+917681861875
AvantikaLife is way important than you think therefore you must not left things for tomorrow!!22+91784526984
Nirupama KhanNothing is always right20+919178040682
DevsenaCall me later because Life is not short as you think23+91965247802
Aniwsha BiswalIndeed, I'll agree, boys contribute to the ecosystem19+917986939789

Turkey Girl Number to Text

Turkey is nation with full fledged females, who are looking forward to making new friend and why are they searching, when you have the Turkey Girl Phone Number here, that will definitely help you to know them better.

Turkey Girl Number to text

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
KirazWhenever I clean my closet I take a GPS with me, so I can find my way back-20+971501512929
AzraLets chat for so long19+9005066088644
ZeynepTouch with me by whatsapp25+905444331844
ZehraAm filled with Joy!18+971507296676
TiffanyFiguring the truth is my JOB28+90 537748646800
NarminWhy do you still see like that!17+90977458638
SandrailI always come with surprises29+9647721273912
NijilaI laugh because you laugh24+905849758364
SusanIf you’re hotter than me, then that means I’m cooler than you21+905444330130

Australia Real Girl Number

Australia girls are always open to making new friends. Do you wanna make new friends with Australia Girl? Do you need Australia Girl mobile number for friendship? Then this place is right for you. Lets gets started, in order for you to see the top rated beautiful Australia Girl Number online.

Australia Real Girl Number to text

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
Sayda LaceyEnjoy life to the most fullest21+8613175348190
KrutiI really love friend making23+6285646226665
AvaFriends make up our world19+61 491 570 15872
MiaJust saw the most smartest person when I was in front of the mirror20+61 8564622666
Anusha GowthamKill/dil26+2349077235493
Chey HinderFeels good to know you are beautiful21+61861847433
ChloeThe most smartest person is yourself looking into the mirror23+61 3175348190
AmeliaI really love the atmosphere of love19+61 491 570 1561

Single France Girl Number

Are in you France or somewhere else and would love to make friends with their beautiful girls? Then this comprehensive list of France Girl Whatsapp Number will go a long way of helping you. You can go ahead and make friends with them, they are lovely.

Single France Girl Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
PadovanAm loving myself20+33628521379
MelloI love making new friends27+2348154127367
LeonardoThis is me!19+31644239103
IsaahObviously, I am gaining more light!18+32465101557
VrucaDarkness is a terrible place to stay!24+27791488235
SophiaSo lonely!21+250783597721
BrunaThis world is biased!17+31644239103
SouzaThis world is actually a funny place!26+91 9059406986
IsamaraMyself in the mirror is who I am!28+977 981-7257740

Real Pakistani Girl Number

Want to enjoy the friendship of love with awesomeness? Want to begin online chatting with beautiful young and energetic girls? Pakistani is the place for you. Pakistani Girls Whatsapp phone number are already available to begin driving your goals of motivation. This is Pakistani Girl Whatsapp Number for you to start with.

Real Pakistani Girl Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
Meera singhI love myself than the other self22+923320680017
RababSave water & drink beer…cool.18+923458168864
AliSprinkling my love on you is all I can imagine20+92312-6513703
AnsariThe probability of living behind my past is rare22+92312-6513703
IshraqMy Whatsapp status is bae19+923485507470
JasminWhy do I love rose?2603499044003
AfafliThe sky is not my limit20+923176738802
HanifaAm purposeful21+923075628118
LinaPeople that likes you doesn't matter, your financially status does17+923054702581

Philippines Girl Phone Number List

Philippines is one of the best nation with kind, sociable, purposeful, reliable, attentive, romantic, cheerful, serious, loving, faithful beautiful women, girls in their prime. This is the complete list of Philippines Girl Whatsapp Number on the internet right now. They are real and able.

Philippines Girl Phone Number List

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
ClaraWhy do a lot of people love me?20 +265 875632287
EricaI am too kind to be frustrated22+63 908 0779650
MaryI like living my life smoothly19+639274377454
MarieThis kind of life isn't acceptable279893750037
LolaMy phone is fucked up!17+63 939 043 4884
ClarieI really a friend25+63 908 069 8431
JennaNature looks perfect and amazing!24+639080698431
JuawaNo talking18+63 938072 9434
MaraAlways Online21+256 750 520091

America Girl Cell Phone Number

Sincerely speaking, America girls are way different from what you’ve been seeing on the internet and movies. They are nurtured with all the vital features, they are caring, soft, easy going and also wonderfully made for every rational behaviors, outdoor and indoor exercise and occupations. Looking for girls to make friends with? America Girl Whatsapp Number is here for you!

American Girl Cell Phone Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Numbers
AlyssaIndeed, America is blessed18+1-202-555-0104
NatalieThis is my number, am ready to make new friends22+1-202-555-0137
JessicaWhat is the different between nostalgic and reminiscent?19+1-202-555-0147
JuliaLoving my new self20+1-202-555-0118
KaitlynI am +1 today! Hurray!23+1-202-555-0170
AllisonBeing faithful pays19+1-202-555-0185
NicoleI am passionate about my JOB!20+1-202-555-0185
Mariah1 of 20 people miss understands me! Am always straight-forward
and intelligible!
AbbieMy real me looks lovely20+1714324581

USA girl

Russian Girls WhatsApp Number

Russia is one of the best nation and they are popularly known for nurturing young beautiful, elegant and wonderful girls and they are likely open-minded for serious friendship from all over the continents. Here is a comprehensive list of Russian Girls Whatsapp number for friendship.

Russian Girls WhatsApp Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone numbers
SammyeVictory is always my thing19+79066509211
Alina StarostinaLove reading books, novels and esp guys20+79608329174
Lydia BulterAm I different from other people? My tits is growing more bigger22+77713833826
ViraI live my life, the way I like.19+79608329174
Leeann WhitelawI frequently misuse the word 'friends'18+79267449182
MariaMy name is Maria.29+79066509211
LatinaAm always the boss25+79645398763
AnnaWho doesn't love a good thing like me?19+7096530468
Helen robertsI love making out with guys20+79645398763

Anamika Local Girl Number

Here is the comprehensive list of faithful Anamika Girl Whatsapp Numbers for Friendship. What are you waiting for again!

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
DibaI love myself20+255 652 279 795
CaanvianAm happy today18+234 806 780 0786
SusanFeeling energetic29+62 889-7383-4821
SoniaGush, today's work is SMH24+967714 891 769
MaitriI can't just go over my friends229891763488
DivaPlease chat with me19+20 109 735 1055
SofiaI really want to focus in life27+553498657342
SimiWhy do I love others more than myself18+98 912560 9909
JumanalI don't care for those that hate me!28+7 963 667-73-42

USA Girls Number

USA Girls are compassionate, nope, they are not self-righteous, neither are they looking like extra caricature models. They are filled up with invisible love and the ability to make a lot of friends are their stuffs since 1990. USA Whatsapp Girl Number is here for you!

USA Girls Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Numbers
JasmineMy Goodness, I just found out, he is there!23+13602266212
VivianMy dream is friendship with unknown friend17+13159493958
JenniferMy British language is improving!21+13159493999
MadelineWhat do you think about me? Go ahead, I just want to be left alone!20+13159493965
SaraAm born out of freshness for my country guys21+13159493962
AlyssaMeet me, Alyssa+13159494427
Isabella I love usa19+13159493977
SofiaI had over billion Pounds today then the alarm destroyed my dream22+13159494603
AlexisPlease type fast because life seems short21+13154179337

Canadian Girls Phone Number

Canada is one precious country blessed with heart-warming, mouth-watering girls. Looking forward to making friends with a Canadian girl? Then this is the Canadian Girl Number for you.

Canadian Girls Phone Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
ElizabethAm seriously lonely19+16136980829
FreyaI am vigorous21+18142501105
ZadieAlways happy!25+17787625868
XariaYou may still call me happiness26+1(747)205-7586
EmmaKeep moving and also stay active20+15065031650
RavonI look fresh from inside to outside18+17828213050
ReaI smell my saints of pleasure17+19153205862
ZadieAm basically strong for my friends24+17866677865
Saadaoui SamarI love chatting23+15015238110

South Africa Love Girls Number

South Africa is one of best nation with beautiful girls. Not just beauty but they are humbled, honest and social. South Africa Whatsapp Girl Numbers are now live here, they are fun to be with and chat with. Take a shot at one number and become BFF!

South Africa Love Girls Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
LillyI love my life210832295397
NatashaLife is really simple and short250630254944
NomsaWhy do torch flash so tight at night?170631252003
ZozoHello Everyone2808540216592
GraceHeavens bless my friends19+27748372253
LuluThis is my name and Whatsapp number20+27786232457
TinaWhy do people call me lovely?23+17087462382
ThuliAm desperately trying to make new friends270718306934
ZaneleI love everyone that loves me18+15055961090

Brazil Girls Number Online

With the combination of their colorful hairs, blending of their facial complexion and dazzling of their eyes, Brazilians girls are so powerful, optimistic and they always seems to be happy. Faults? I am over 60% sure, they are honest, soft and they can socialize! This is the Brazil Whatsapp Girl Number.

Brazil Girls Number Online

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Numbers
CasandraI look up to the heavens and I noticed, am still alive!21+553498657342
SandraaMy life is complicated and compromised!28+923176736726
BeautyAt Work19+553498353148
TsukamotoFake Friends, fuck off18+20128176749
VictoriaI love chatting with real friends25+17014091454
AllenaLike seriously, I need a friend!24+923082246165
SimbraAlways Online19+275534983548

Malaysia Local Girl Number

Confidentially, everyone would admits the truth that Malaysia Girls are purely the same with their hybrid motivational talk, which can softly melt your heart, when you are crying and they are trying their possible best to also keep you close, even when you are not with them. Lets get to know some of the powerful Malaysian Whatsapp Girl Number!

Malaysia Local Girl Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
ThainaI love being online20+201145677644
OliveiraWhy do I love myself and my friends this much?21+601120954077
LohanaI want to make new friends!19+601155791600
KettyWho is willingly to help me with my assignment25+60173885281
TelesFine, I love my country18+60128439752
TomazHow do you feel, when you are connected but the distance is till far?28+601284397528
CleideGoing to class today24+601124048198
NorI think, am ready!23+60197217988

Teens Whatsapp Girl Number

They are a lot of teens out there, who are lonely and all they actually need as teens is full support of Sincere and mutual Friendship. They really don’t need something different, as teens, who are looking forward to becoming youths, they need Smart guys like to encourage them. This is Teens Whatsapp Girl Number!

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Teens Whatsapp Girl Number

NamePhone Number

Nigeria Whatsapp Girl Number

Nigeria is popularly known as Giant of Africa and here is the Nigeria Whatsapp Girl Number. They are filled with humors, kind and also easy going. All you have to do is to copy someone number here on this page and start-up the chat, believe me. You will definitely start a fresh new friendship out of one!

Nigeria Whatsapp Girl Number

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Number
DestinyI hate being grounded21+234 785203658
FeleciaI love my friends28+234485965023
EllaWhy do i need to visit my friends, when I have none17+2346352541201
QueenI want to be a Doctor!18+234500474125
JoySo tired and weak, God bless my struggles!24 +234965233214
FavourLift me up and bless me abundantly1907065248553
ChisomDon't forsake me2907031926096
SusanI really love going out2608175502568
FelecityWhere is my iPhone?1909058820770

Girls Mobile Number

NameMobile Phone Numbers
Leah+60 17-441 9751
Olivia+7 963 667-73-32
Watson+94 77 406 8885
Beyonce+20 109 735 1055
Blessing+86 130 9518 5775
Demetian+20 109 735 1055
Cynthia+212 699-007772
Jennifer+1 (267) 906-4728
Janet+1(8 63) 240-5588
Lilian+1(213) 274-8773
Marie+1 (774) 480-3564
Loveth+1(848) 277-7202
Favour+1(267) 527 -9223
Chandel+212 623-311729

America girl

Whatsapp Girl Number

Are you still looking for other beautiful Whatsapp Girls phone numbers? Here, you are presented with almost 10 numbers!

NameWhatsapp StatusAgePhone Numbers
MalieAm good looking, I know for sure19+967 734 439 448
KateI feel like going up and upper without stopping17+7964 711-02-81
PreciousNo, people can't stop me29+256 750 520091
DiamondI, finally understand the possibility of flying23+27 846 73 2777
PerpetualYes, I made it today!26+62 852-2313-8984
ImmaculateBusy18+20 109 735 1055
PureNot talking22+507 6861-5527
ThankGodAm alive17+7 964 711-02-81
GoldThis is me, Gold. A rare one!21+234 703 091 9106

Important Note: This Girls Whatsapp numbers has been confirmed to be true and real Whatsapp Girl Number but we are not in anyway advising you to puncture, spur or go with any evil ideas or motive such as being a pervert and taking someone for / as a fool. This numbers are propelled and displayed here for and ONLY FOR friendship and we are going to take serious action, if your number or friend number is added to this page and you want it removed!

Do you love to join some intriguing Girls Whatsapp Group Link? Are you a female or male and would like to connect with many others out there on the web searching for friendship and love, then, you can basically use the comment box to drop your number, country and name and we will add your numbers to list above carefully.


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