How to use WhatsApp chat history/data transfer from iPhone (iOS) to Samsung – Live

Announced during Samsung’s Unpacked launch event, WhatsApp confirmed that history/data transfer from iOS to Android (Samsung) will be available soon, and today, WhatsApp iPhone to Android chat history transfer starts rolling out.

With the announcement coming through on Samsung online event, where we saw the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, it is expected that the new transfer features will be available first to these phones, and later on Samsung devices running Android 10 or 11.

For everyone that owns a single Samsung Smartphone that is running on Android 10 OS and 11 OS, you now have full ability to easily move WhatsApp history from iOS to Android, these data including voice messages, photos, and videos.

While WhatsApp has started rolling out the new feature, we aren’t sure that it will be available on more Android devices soon, but it might be. However, the procedure is quite simple, and the entire process happens without your messages ever being sent to WhatsApp.

To begin, you have to check out the details on the support site here. When you set up a new device, you’ll be provided with the option to securely transfer your chats from your old device to your new one and the process requires a USB-C to Lightning cable.

In order to proceed fully, Samsung noted that the process requires Samsung Smart Switch, and apparently, you can only do this when your Samsung is new or after you reset it to factory settings.

While call history and your display name won’t make the jump, other information such as account information, your profile photo, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media and settings are all transferred over.

Nevertheless, iPhone users can confirm if this feature is enabled for iOS users, WhatsApp for iOS beta users can check it from WhatsApp Settings from iOS ⇾ Chats, and if you see “Move chats to Android”, it is enabled for your account.

To migrate from iOS to Android you need the “Switch to Android” app, and follow the instructions. In the coming weeks, we may see the new amazing feature available for other Android smartphones.

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