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Wema bank transfer code – How to transfer, check balance, buy airtime etc

    Wema Bank Nigeria is one of the best-approved commercial banks in the country. Wema Bank code has definitely provided more assistance to its customers, using the Wema bank transfer code, you can do more without physical contact.

    Wema Bank has provided enough customer care service for its customers, and like its other similar approved banks in Nigeria, it is licensed by the regulator of the nation’s banking sector – Central Bank of Nigeria.

    Do you want to complete some Wema bank transactions and you feel tired of visiting the brick-and-mortar bank building? Well, in this article today, we will be providing an updated list of what and what you can be able to complete using the Wema Bank code.

    What is Wema Bank Code?

    With the Wema bank transfer code, you can be able to complete some major tasks and transactions such as buying airtime, transferring money from bank to bank, paying up utility bills, and many others.

    The commercial bank licensed by Central Bank, Wema bank transfer code is *945#, it is meant for sending money, buying airtime and data, paying bills, and even making payments on POS terminals without a Wema/ALAT card.

    As expected, the Wema bank code is a USSD service that does not require an internet connection as it is not a mobile application. Best of all, it works on any kind of mobile phone, feature phone, Smartphone, and others.

    Wema bank transfer codes

    Below is the list of things you can easily do with the Wema bank transfer code. TO:

    *. Buy Airtime: *945*phone Number*amount#

    *. Send Money: *945*beneficiary account number*amount#

    *. Check Balance Enquiry: *945*0#

    *. Change PIN: *945*00#

    *. Get your Account Number: *945*000#

    *. Open Account: *945*1#

    *. Change account number: *945*2*old account number*newaccountnumber#

    *. Link the BVN: *945*4*BVN#

    *. Lagos state collection: *945*40#

    *. Coral pay: *945*000*referenceNo#

    *. Account Restriction: *945*911#

    *. Reactivate Account: *945*5#

    *. Send Money to phone/email: *945*6*amount#

    wema bank code for transfer

    Benefits and Features of Wema bank code

    *. No internet required to access the internet

    *. It is simple.

    *. It is fast and free to use.

    *. It is convenient.

    *. It is secured.

    *. The service is available 44 hours, seven days a week

    *. To open a Wema account

    *. Change or generate a new PIN

    *. Check account balance anytime, anywhere

    *. To send money

    *. To Top up your mobile phone

    *. To Withdraw money using your mobile phone

    *. To pay your bills

    How to activate Wema bank transfer code

    In order to successfully transfer funds using the Wema bank code, you will have to complete the registration and it is quite faster. It might probably take 5-10minutes to finish up.

    To register and activate the Wema bank code, you will need to quickly dial *945# and follow-up the prompts, such as entering your account number, providing your ATM Card or BVN, and a four-digit transfer pin.

    All these steps should be done from the mobile phone number you used to open your Wema Bank account. Because your phone number is the beginning key that proves you are their customer.

    How to transfer funds from Wema to Wema bank

    To transfer money or funds from your Wema bank account to another Wema bank account is quite simple, which is just like other similar banks. To successfully complete the tasks or transactions, you can follow the below procedures:

    Dial *945*NUBAN Account Number*Amount# and enter the 4-digit transfer pin you’ve already created during registration to authenticate the transactions.

    For example, you want to transfer the sum of 2500 to a customer or family with a Wema bank account – Dial *945*123456xxxx*2500#, and enter the authentication pin for transactions.

    wema bank transfer code

    How to transfer Wema bank to other banks

    To complete the transfer of funds from your Wema account to Nigerian another bank account is also very simple using the Wema bank transfer code. It is easy, efficient, and depending on your bank, it will also be fast.

    Dial *945*NUBAN Account Number*Amount# and enter your unique four-digit transfer pin for authentication. Let’s say, you want to transfer the sum of 5000 to another bank.

    Then, you’ll have to Dial *945*123456xxxx*5000#, select the bank type, select the receiving recipient bank name and enter your pin for the transfer to be authenticated with the pin of your USSD transaction.

    As already mentioned, these transactions should only be done and completed on the mobile phone number you used to open your Wema Bank account. This way, the bank will know it is you, using another number will prompt the bank to display a registration for that number.

    For security reasons, customers and users are not strictly advised NOT to share their bank details such as BVN, or your four-digit transfer pin to anyone, website (not even this one), and any other platform. Sharing these numbers will cause some serious harm.

    All Nigerian commercial banks always its customers that NO bank official will call its customer asking for any PIN, including your MasterCard/Debit/Verve/Visa card number, transfer pin, BVN, or any other important number. Refrain yourself from falling into the deadly harms of these internet fraudsters.