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Hello, You have never heard of these Weird Alarms!

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Have you ever been stressed to the extent that even the Alarm clock isn’t able to wake you up? And if they do, you will have to do one thing or the other to stop it.

Well, give me the privilege let me introduce to you, some of the Weird Alarm Clocks!

CLOCKY on Wheels

Unlike the other Alarm Clocks, they are fixed on one place but then looking at the Clocky Alarms with Wheels.

Clocky on wheels

The Alarm goes up and immediately, it wheels away to either a Hole or runs around the room for a while and then hides. It Runs away and beeps until caught. The Price on Amazon is $23.

Flying Alarms

Another is the Flying Alarms! It is flies around the room for a while. Well, lets say it is fun for it.

Flying Alarms

It is available on Amazon for $18.

Alarm Clock on Mat

This alarm clock is also your bedside mat. It has LED lights to show you the time and the only way to stop the alarm is to put both feet on the mat!

Alarm Clock on Mat

Well, they are many others! They just keep getting weird!

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