One of the biggest Online chatting app owned by Facebook has another updates for its user and this time, it is really worth it.

Last time, Whatsapp announced a new update that allows it users to share almost all the files through its platform which includes, Apk file, Photos, Pdfs, Document, .txt but adds that the maximum file size will still be 128MB for iOS and 100MB for Android.

Later on, Whatsapp promises its users, sooner on, we are going to watch YOUTUBE video directly from its platform without having to click on the link and go the Youtube app on your phone.

Anyway, I find it interesting and amazing, having such updates to Whatsapp, makes it more interesting for users to be stick with it. Sources say it uses the Picture in Picture concept to view YouTube videos without opening it.


For more explanation, you can pinch on the Picture in Picture mode in order to expand it, or you can open the video in a new WhatsApp section to view it in full screen mode.

And right now, it is available for iOS users while Android users are coming thru! Stay input!

And right now, we have another updates coming through, If you are on Whatsapp it will be very advisable to update your app regularly to enjoy more updates.

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