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How to Watch Movies Online – Stream Movies Online Without Downloading

Movies are for relaxation, they are for enlightening and it works perfectly for everyone. Thankfully, everyone can now watch movies online.

Watching movies, or streaming movies online is now simple, smart, efficient, and much more comprehensive. Every device around the world can now stream movies online.

When you are tired from working too hard, and you want to relax from all your troubles, life on social network websites, apps, work, errands and enjoy other miscellaneous of life, then you can sit and watch movies online.

watch movies online

Movies Categories

To suit your taste, the below websites to watch movies online arrives with different movies categories, where you can easily watch movies online without hesitation.

*. Action

*. Adventure

*. Animation

*. Biography

*. Comedy

*. Crime

*. Documentary. Drama

*. Family

*. Fantasy

*. Film Noir

*. History

*. Horror

*. Music

*. Musical

*. Mystery

*. Romance

*. Sci-Fi

*. Short

*. Sport

*. Superhero

*. Thriller

*. War

*. Western

Today, you will learn how to watch movies online, stream movies online, from movie streaming sites. There are bunch of free movie streaming sites. Lets get started:

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How to Watch Movies Online

Of course, there are a bunch and varieties of movies to watch, and fortunately, you can watch all of them with your device, – mobile handset, PC and others.

Online movies are accessible, and it doesn’t have any requirements. Like it, leave it or kill it, but there movies to watch, starting from blockbusters, emotional, comedy, action, adventures and many others.

Here on this article, you will learn about the top best websites to watch movies from. It contains movie streaming sites, and they are all legal to watch movies online.

house movies

1. House Movies

The name explains everything, this is the house of all movies, it contains all your favorite movies, and they are all up-to-date.

It also comes with a search button, where you can easily search to get all your movie series, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mysteries, and many others. is free streaming website where you can watch free movies online. On the website a lot of free movie streaming links which submitted by users from open sources.

Housemovie contains advertising that helps to maintain the site. And trust me, it doesn’t disturb as expected. If you are hungry to get started, your next spot.


2. Vioozhd

Watching movies online is actually the best scenario, where you are not forced to download and keep the file in your Laptop, or device, so you don’t have to suffer any memory full notification.

That is why, I prefer using And like others, it comes with varieties of movies from the web, you really don’t have to pay a dime to watch your best movie.

The website is totally welcoming, profoundly awesome and its simplicity will keep you intact, you won’t feel that separated. Loads of movies are displayed on your screen.

If you don’t like movies series, you can also watch solo or single movies online via their platforms. Like others, it also has its own advertisers, which pops-up in new tab.


3. Yesmovies

Much like Housemovies, Yesmovies also has its own new website design, but you have the complete ability to access your own choice of design. is another amazing platform, where you can easily watch movies online without downloading, or breaking any illegal laws.

With Yesmovies, you can easily watch single sole movies of all categories, and tv series of your favorite shows. It also adds the new feed, for latest movie news.

To make money, and keep the website going on, Yesmovies has to advertise on their blog websites and it is not that intrusive or disturbing.


4. Freeform

Another platform of entertainment, where you can enjoy movies at your leisure time is via The website is only limited to US citizen alone.

Sincerely, Freeform allows you to watch movies online, shows, and you can even schedule movies without any hard exception.


5. Hulu is one of the best streaming movies online, where you have to pay a minimum of $7.99/month, but there is an offer going on, for $5.99/month for 1 year without any other extra fee.

Hulu offers all the best premium films, movies and tv series in one place. But nevertheless, you can watch thousands of shows and movies.


6. Popcornflix

The number 6th on the list is, that offers wide range of movies options for you. You don’t have to disturb yourself about selecting movies.


You can easily choose your style of perfection and see it fit your relaxation time frame. Unlike others, they use non-provocative ads to make money. Your safety is completely ensured.



YIFY Movies, which is now popularly known as offers wide-broad spectrum of movies, and collections of tv series.

And the reason, why it stands to be the best among others is the fact that the website keeps on updating their platform every single day.

You can browse, watch movies on YIFY movies, but you can also download YIFY movies in excellent 720p, 1080p and 3D quality, all at the smallest file size. Only here: YTS Movies Torrents.

Crackle Movies

8. Crackle Movies

Added to the list is Crackle Movies, where you can easily watch and stream movies online without having any need of signing up or getting registered.

Although, the company also offer the position to get yourself registered. However, they add more movies continuously to the website.

There is no limit to how many TV videos you can watch and the best part is that Crackle offers free Android and iOS apps to watch TV shows online.

You can also stream episodes across multiple devices like Android TV or smart TVs. While the videos are not exactly ad-free but they are 100% legal to watch.


9. Chillnflix allows you to watch movies online without paying a single dime. But one feature is the continuous implementations of ads into the system.

Chillnflix brings out the best in you, offers you the best options to stream movies online without any confrontation. Wide range of options are available.

The website is definitely the best option for you. Trust me, watching movies online increases your life span, and decreases all your worries in life.

Do you have any other important website that is not listed here? Then you can use the below comment box. Take 5 seconds of your time to share this articles with your friends online.

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