How to watch 2018 Apple event in Nigeria by 5PM

Finally, Apple event is happening today by 5PM GMT +1, and for the very first time, Apple event will be live streamed on twitter. This isn’t the first time, Apple will be live streaming their event, they had for many years but only exclusive to Apple devices, and later to Microsoft Edge browser.

For WWDC, the company also opened streaming up to people using Chrome and Firefox. Opening the portal to Twitter serves as their second biggest and largest portal where a lot of audiences are situated.

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How to watch Apple event in Nigeria

The Apple event will commence at 10.30pm IST (10am Pacific time) and converting to Nigeria time zone where GMT +1 is 5.30 hours behind IST time zone. Hence, the time is 5PM.

You can live stream the Apple event HERE on the following platform:

1. Apple devices
2. Microsoft Edge browser
3. Safari edge browser
4. Mozilla Firefox and
5. Google Chrome browser

How to live stream Apple event on Twitter

1. Go here:

2. Tap ❤️
3. And the updates will be sent to your twitter account

Note that, their Twitter page isn’t like others. On the page itself, it left blank, there is no updates from the company.  It, however, runs paid ads so that users can’t actually see anything on the profile page.

Meanwhile, we are expecting the following gadgets from Apple event:

1. iPhones: Three iPhone models this year. One being a 6.1-inch LCD variant, while the other two premium models will sport OLED display panels, 5.8-inch display and 6.5-inch display respectively. Names includes: iPhone 9, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max.

2. Apple smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch with thinner bezels and larger display screens might be launched.

3. iPad Pro (2018) variants: New iPad is coming with USB Type-C port, unibody design 18W power adapter, slimmmer bezels, lack of home button, 12.9-inch variant with Face ID support.

4. Cheaper MacBook: We might see a cheaper variants of MacBooks with a Touch ID fingerprint authentication, Retina display. However, Mac mini might be launched for the very first time in four years.

Others includes AirPods and AirPower Charging Mat but if you can’t wait for the AirPower charging mat, there is a new gadget from Anker that’ll serve as substitute. Anyways, lets wait for the Apple event by 5PM. Stay tuned!

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