Of course, everyone loves watching movies but the issue here is, how can you one watch all movies when most of all this Satellite Pay TV subscription is expensive and very heavy to pay monthly? Don’t worry, here is the simplest trick for you follow and unlock it.

Are you using StarTimes, DSTV, GoTV Decoders or any other Digital Decoder / Digital TV? Then, we are going to show you how to you can possibly watch all premium and DStv Channel without paying a dime.

Every step by step guide is available here, all you are expected to do is to follow the simple guidelines and you will be exposed to all the steps. But first, do you know what DTB FirmWare is all about?

DTB FirmWare is a simple software that can be used to watch unlimited channels on any Decoders, such as DSTV. It gives you the ability and complete full authorization to watch premium channels without any barrels or requesting for payments.

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Anyways, before you could get the software, you have to pay an affordable amount of $6.90. In Nigeria, that is equivalent to N2,500 and Ksh.702 in Kenya Shillings.

So if you need the software, try contacting us via the comment box / contact us page with your email address and we will provide you the email for paypal or the Account Number, if you are in Nigeria.

Note that, just one time purchase of this stuff and you can use anytime, everywhere and on any decoder lifetime.

This are the following stuffs you need to complete the upgrade and they includes;
1. DTB Firmware
2.Digital Box with USB port/memory card slot
3.USB / Memory card

That is the requirements, after you must have checked if you decoder support USB port and downloaded the Firmware, then it is time for you to enjoy unlimited premium channels. Here is the comprehensive step by step guide.

*. Download DTB firmware
*. Save the files to a USB Flash or Pen drive or Memory card
*. Insert the flash or Pen drive or memory card to the decoder USB PORT
*. Now, Turn on the decoder
*. Hold your Remote and press menu >> select software upgrade section with USB Option
*. Then confirm it from the pop-up dialog box
*. Immediately, after that, it will begin the upgrade.

From my side, it takes just few minutes approximately, 2 – 5 minutes. That is it, you have successfully unlocked your decoder channels, you can now watch premium channels.

Did you receive any reports:

If you are among other users out there, that received reports such as ‘No Match File’ error, then this is the solutions;
*. You must unzip the downloaded DTB firmware ZIP folder
*. Inside the Pen drive, flash or memory card, it must only contain the important file, which is the .bin file.

Here is another solution or fix;

During the time of downloading and an error pop-up, don’t be in a haste to press the OK button on .bin file. Instead, look at your screen display and you would notice an instruction to press a key to download from the .bin.

Now go head and press it and automatically another separate file would be create and saved to your USB called ‘flashfile.bin” it should be around 8.1mb. Just use the flashfile.bin for the upgrade and it must be successful.

After the software upgrade completion, just switch the box off and on again and perform an automatic scan and you will find out all the premium channels, that you weren’t able to watch at first are now available.

Anyways, note that you can also return your decoder to its factory or original settings any time if you wish.

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