Download Vskit app on Android/iOS and enjoy short funny videos

Is your life amazing? and you really want to share your life with the world? then go ahead and capture that special moment as it happens with Vskit app.

Vskit is a simple platform that allows you to short videos from different people around the globe, it features a built-in video editor, that allows you to create and upload videos with filters.

Well, there are bunch of Android and iOS short videos application on the internet, but Vskit touts to be the bests among its likes.

What is Vskit?

Vskit is an app for creating and sharing short interesting and funny videos majorly for entertainment. It also has a uniquely crafted algorithm that accurately connects users to the content.

Vskit is a fun short video social and sharing platform. You can watch several people performing their talents on Vskit, and you can also upload your own short videos and share with your friends.

Vskit is the first pure short video App focus only in Africa and has amassed such user growth within 8 months. It boasts of millions of users from Africa only via Google Playstore.


It works perfectly, once a user posts a video, they can share their videos immediately on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or simply copy the link and share on their various social media platforms.

In order to make your Video looks enlightening and amazing, it has a user-friendly interface, cool stickers, filters, special effects that represents several forms of unadulterated excitement.

Vskit app

Do you want to share your amazing moments with everyone on the internet? with everyone in Africa? then go ahead and download the Vskit app on either of your Android or iOS Smartphones.

Well, it has measurable ratings on Google Playstore and you can quickly download the apk version HERE. Possibly, you can also get the Vskit Lite app HERE, which is just meant for low-optimized device.

For your Apple iPhone Smartphones, which are powered by iOS, then you can easily download the app HERE from the company’s official app store.

Vskit Features

*. Popular: Most up-to-date short videos

*. Following: Interested users

*. Notification: Displays likes, comments, and your new followers

*. Me: Display your profile

*. Record: You can easily record a video with stickers, background music and effects.

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