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Vkworld Crown V8 Specs & Price in Nigeria – It is too Thin!

Introducing you to the latest World’s Thinnest Phone; Vkworld Crown V8. Being the first Vkworld SmartPhone to arrive with a innovative thermal touch, from the popular VKWorld Chinese Manufacturers.

The Crown V8 features a lot of specs, it sports a lot good review. The Vkworld Crown V8 has been crowned the world’s thinnest smartphone, with a slim thickness of only 4.7mm. It is the thinnest Thermal Touch Smartphone in the World to be Unveiled in Mid-July Starting at $79.99.

VKworld Crown V8

What is Thermal touch; This is what most of you people might have been wondering about, on seeing this amazing feature. It is a technology that combines infrared and visible light cameras to detect the heat signature from your fingers and turn any object into a touchscreen. The technology could be embedded in the smartphones and wearable devices to offer new ways of interacting with our environment.

The VKworld Crown V8 is Not just the very first thermal touch smartphone from Vkworld but also in the world. The VKworld Crown V8 is not yet out, it is expected to arrive with a lot specs and most especially, the performances.

Coming to the Design of the Vkworld Crown V8 Smartphone, it looks more like Vertu smartphones. And the front and back panel are covered with glass, and its side frame is made of metal. Its shape is different from other smartphones; a bit like the old Moto Droid Razr smartphone.

VKworld Crown V8 prices

According to Chinagadgetsreviews, the Chinese company vkworld is ready to bring all new design with its upcoming model named Vkworld Crown V8. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Active S7, the Crown will be featuring a Water-Resistant. The Vkworld Crown V8 will be coming with a IP67 certification, making it waterproof and dustproof.

The Screen size of the Vkworld Crown V8 comes from LG Display. It is an IPS display with OSG full lamination with a different Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and Vkworld Crown V8 also packs with front-facing speaker which can deliver authentic surround sound and deep bass like HTC phones.

Vkworld Crown V8 specs

Maybe, Vkworld will launching their Crown V8 Smartphone bigger battery, just like the VKworld V6 that comes with a gigantic 10000 mAh Battery.

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  1. I like VKworld Crown V8 phone, this is a world’s thinnest mobile phone, with a thickness of only 4.7mm. But it’s not only thin, it will also come with a thermal touch and Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

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