Vivo Apex pop-camera – Launching date is June 12th in Shanghai

Update: As of 23rd of May, Vivo teased the launching date of the First true bezel-less Smartphone with Pop-up camera and we just think, it is the Apex. Anyways, the date has been set to June 12th 2018 in Shanghai. Stay with us and we will continue to update you!

Vivo just unveiled another Smartphone business innovation and it is looking cool. Earlier before, we had the first Smartphone that has an in-display fingerprint sensor from Chinese manufacturer Vivo.

During the MWC 2018, the Chinese company unveiled it concept phone called “Vivo Apex” which still features the in-screen display too but this time around, there are more added specs that makes it one of the best phones of the MWC 2018. It is worthy to note that the X20 Plus UD went on sale last month, exclusively in China, for $565.

The Vivo Apex features a pop-up 8MP selfie camera and in-display fingerprint sensors embedded in a nearly bezel-free screen. On other phones, we have the typical lens built into the device’s bezel but this time around, there is a pop-up selfie camera that comes out whenever you are about to take selfie photos.

Vivo Apex pops up camera

With such slim bezels, there’s no room for a front-facing camera, so Vivo hid the lens on top of the phone. The lens pops up when you tap the selfie mode in the Camera app.

Vivo telling AndroidPolice that they wants to shave even more off the bottom bezel before it brings the phone to market. If it ends up being the same as the top and sides the phone would have a 98% screen-to-body ratio.

The Vivo Apex concept phone has bezels on the top and sides that measure just 1.8mm (0.07 inch) and a 4.3mm (0.17 inch) bezel on the bottom, surrounding a 6-inch 1080p edge-to-edge OLED display and a HiFi audio chip.

The Vivo Apex features a true full display which is the new all-screen design, so there is no space for front-facing camera, in order to avoid the iPhone X notch, Vivo just designed a flip-over camera with an eight-megapixel lens that pops out in 0.8 seconds and automatically retracts after use.

And also, there is no screen space for the fingerprint sensor and the company refuses to put the fingerprint sensor at the back, so the Chinese company brings on the in-display fingerprint and the phone also has dual rear cameras.

There is a new change of settings in the in-display fingerprint sensor, here on the Vivo Apex, the fingerprint reader supports reading two fingerprints in the screen and is spread across the entire lower half of the screen, potentially allowing for a reading of two fingerprints for extra security or less precise placement of one finger on a smaller space.

When taking a selfie, making calls, playing music, due to the lack of bezel space for the ear speaker, the Apex has a new audio technology called screen soundcasting, which makes it seem like sound is emanating from the display itself.

vivo apex

The Soundcasting, works by turning the entire display into a speaker and it might save power, reduce sound leakage and offer a superior audio experience.

The proximity sensor has moved under the screen, the ambient light sensor is on the top edge of the phone, and the earpiece has been removed altogether. There is no talk concerning the pricing and availability, as it is a concept phone.

Article Before “Apex” at MWC 2018

Vivo to launch a 100% Bezel-Less Smartphone

The Chinese owned company Vivo are once more rumoured to Be working on launching a complete Bezel-Less Android Smartphone. Most of the smartphones, we have right now aren’t full bezel-less but Vivo are reportedly planning on launching one.

Vivo’s upcoming phone which has some images attached to it, is 100 percent screen-to-body ratio and it is coming in months. Meanwhile, Vivo unveiled the X20 Plus UD which is first in-display Fingerprint Sensor sensor.

The device is rumored to sport thin top and bottom bezels and an edge-to-edge display. And other spec attached to it, is the powerful Snapdragon 660 SoC coupled with 8GB of RAM under the hood, under display fingerprint scanner, full-HD+ (1080×2160 pixels) display.

vivo full Bezel-Less Android Smartphone

Actually, up till date, we are having the issue of which phone would be arriving with this monster specs. The rumored Vivo’s Xplay 7 is reportedly arriving with 10GB RAM and bezel-less display.

Anyways, take this as a pinch of salt, it might also be a concept phone. Stay connected, as we will continue to update this page.

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