Vivo company are persistence, perpetual innovators & developers!

Security is getting way smarter with Vivo!

– Revolutionized Biometric authentication
– Smarter AI portrait mode for selfies
– Gesture and motion recognition

Vivo are among the biggest and largest Chinese companies and they are known worldwide for their persistence innovations! Bringing and developing new technology that surpasses other known Smartphone makers.

Firstly, they are known for being the first Android Smartphone that arrives with pure 100% bezel-less design, the Vivo Nex ! Later on, Oppo Find X took the second position!

In an event at MWC Shanghai, Vivo introduced a direct competition to Apple’s Face ID 3D depth-sensing system with 300,000 sensor points, that is almost 10 times the number on the iPhone X. Vivo placed the tech in the front of the phone next to the selfie cameras.

It works smoothly and seamless, the tech can enable 3D mapping at a distance up to three meters from the phone. It works by sending out a pulse of light and calculating the “time of flight” (TOF) that the light takes to bounce back to its sensor.

Vivo sensor tech

Hundreds of Smartphone have incorporated the Apple iPhone X Face ID feature, but up till date, none of them were able compete with the system directly, none of the Android devices with Face ID Unlock were smarter and more secured like the iPhone X’s.

But the new Vivo’s TOF 3D sensor system is the only direct competition with Apple iPhone X. The Tech is called “structured light,” to use AI and make you up, full body beautification and might put AI clothes on you perfectly!

“By combining TOF 3D Sensing Technology with AI, we will continue to explore new possibilities for a better future,” said Alex Feng, a senior executive at Vivo.

And right now, they have introduced a new tech sensor, that might over take the Face unlock! Like many others, it works perfectly but it works so uniquely, after registration, a textured 3D model of your head that you can rotate at will, will be presented and activated!

One year ago, we had the In-display fingerprint sensor, that was rumored to arrive on giant Smartphone makers such as Samsung’s and Apple’s, but it changes the table down to Chinese company.

We all saw the Vivo Apex phone with 100% bezel-less design, on NEX S and NEX A! Smart secured biometrics feature has been on talks over times, Oppo would have integrated it into their Smartphone chips, but failed! Sooner, it maybe commercialized on Vivo smartphone!

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