2021 Best Virus Scanner and Remover for Android phones – Preventive measures

This article contains the top list of Virus scanner and remover for Android phones. Viruses or Malwares are known to be dangerous, as they build strong walls around themselves against anti-virus.

We’ve been talking about series of anti-virus and malware lately, but it is essential that everyone understand the word “security”. Even for their little gadgets, as they are vulnerable as any other thing out there.

Viruses are deceptive, like the Infamous Trojan virus that comes in legit way but after gaining those authoritative and administrative permission, they automatically turn into a stronghold virus.

Worms or virus multiplies, they grow and spread more virus to every hook of your Android device. They are preventive measures also, but before that, lets a look at the top good Virus scanner and remover for Android.

Virus Scanner and Remover for Android

We’ve provide detailed information on how to remove Trojan or Trojan horse from any infected devices. Below contains good https://www.freebrowsinglink.com/virus-removal-for-android/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>free virus removal for Android phones.

All the good AV apps out there on the Play store are reputable virus scanner, they don’t just scan, they also provide the option to remove, clean or eradicate the virus from your phone.

But in any case where the worms or virus has spread its infection, you need a better AV tool to do that job. Lets take a quick look at the list below:

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky lab are well known mobile antivirus, with AppLock and web security. They offer series of Antivirus protection, which acts as a virus scanner, cleaner, and can also blocks malware and more on your phones & tablets.

The background check features for Android, scans downloaded apps for malware, ransomware, phishing, spyware and other infections using a background check to give you outstanding virus protection, guarding your devices from threats.

Other intriguing features includes background check, find my phone, anti-theft, app lock, anti-Phishing, web filter for online protection.

It is definitely a good package for a free version, it also offers premium packages also. If you are interested, then you can quickly visit Google play store to download the app.

Virus Cleaner

Virus Cleaner – Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster

There is the Hi security lab that are also known for introducing good AV option to scan and clean your phone. It can also serve as a booster for your device.

Other breath-taking feature is the App lock and VPN option. You just have everything to yourself with a single app installed on your phone.

Virus Cleaner by Avast is a highly productive virus scanner and remover for android device. It supports numerous features like, Antivirus, Super Cleaner and booster.

Others includes CPU cooler, file scan, app lock, notification cleaner, WiFi security and 24/7 online safe browsing. You can get app from Google play store.

AVG anti virus

AVG Anti-virus for Android Security Free

Another AV that may be up to tasks is the AVG anti-virus remover for Android phones. It is a good virus scanner and remover for Android devices.

The AVG AV has been around for years, gained the trust of many outstanding users around the world. It scan apps, games, settings and files in real-time. It also scans WiFi networks for threats.

Other impressive feature is the phone booster, power save, ultimate cleaner, App lock, find my phone, VPN and it gives you the right and permission to hide private photos in an encrypted vault. Do this interests you? if yes, then visit Google Play store.

Preventive measures – How to stay protected

If you are good with top most dangerous virus security threats like Shedun, Godless and Hummingbad, then you must look matured preventive measures.

Update your version of Android
Image source: BT.com

1. Keep your Android updated:

Go to Menu > System – Advanced – System update. Some devices own is ‘About phone’ There you can easily check if there is any updates, if they is any, please quickly update the phone. Updates are known to save people from virus attacks.

2. Check app authenticity or news:

Before downloading any suspicious app, you are advised to check the news if that app has been mentioned before as a security threat even on Google play store, because nowhere is safe. You just have to be careful, Google constantly remove thousands and millions of apps from their store.

3. Be careful of apps from unknown sources:

Don’t even dare download any suspecting app from outside Google play store. The app store is not always safe, but it is still a better option to avoiding virus. If this is not enabled, please visit your settings and enable it quickly.

4. Read app permissions before downloading

It takes times, it usually not necessary. But for the fact that you want your phone to be always 100 percent protected, you just have to read the app permissions before installing it. Even if it is from Google Play store, put your eyes and brains to do some works.

5. Emails files are not left out

Don’t download files from emails sent to you from an unknown user, be vigilant. When you notice any suspecting email with file download, example: You just won $500,000, please download the below attachment to collect the money.

6. Restrict downloads with a password

Google takes Android security a little bit seriously, there is the restriction of downloads with passwords. If people use your phone, or as parent, you don’t want your children to download unwanted apps, you just have to enable this.

Restrict downloads with a password
Image source: BT.com

They may or may not know, but the solution is to enable that feature. Just quietly enable a password for installation of purchases, like music, films, TV shows and apps.

To do this, go to Google Play store app > tap the three-bar menu button > tap Settings and look for Require authentication for purchases. From the pop-up box, you can either choose For all purchases or Every 30 minutes. And enter a password with any purchase.

7. Download any good Anti-virus

Like I previous mentioned, worms or virus multiplies, they are now smarter, better and much more badder. Not all AV app can protect your device. To stay protected at all times, you must download either Norton, Kaspersky, BT Virus protect, and others.

We definitely hopes this article helps you understand the major types of virus or worms that attack our Android phones, how to scan and remove those virus, and how to stay protected by using diverse preventive measures.

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