How to Verify the Authenticity of Car Plate Number Online and SMS

Today, we will be showing you some brief steps which you can use to Verify the Authenticity of Your Car Plate Number Online and SMS. Anyway, it is for owners of cars, but if you do not have cars then store up the steps till your own arrives.

The corruption in Nigeria is kind of disturbing and it is reaching the Master Level, so trying to verify the authentic of cars is highly expected.

Several persons have fall victim, by buying fake plate numbers and running into problem with the Nigeria federal road safety corps, because the plate number they purchased, thinking it’s original.

Below is a short tutorial on step by steps guidelines on how to that is used to Verify the Authenticity of Your Car Plate Number Online and SMS, the steps is short, simple and very easy.

How to Verify the Authenticity of Your Car Plate Number Online

#1. Visit the official Federal Road Safety website here. This page will take you straight to National Vehicle Identification system portal.
#2. Now ensure you enter or supply your Number Plate in the blank box provided.
#3. After which you can proceed by clicking on “Verify ” button and that is all.

How to Verify the Authenticity of Your Car Plate Number using SMS

Yes, you saw that right. We will also show you the easiest step you can use to verify your plate number through sms, all you have to do is to follow this guideline outlined below.

There is actually one step simple, easy but cautious steps involved. All you have to do is to be serious and send the Number Plate in The following format ”verifyplateno the number plate” to 33324. Example: “verifyplateno ABC123AA” to 33324. That is all.

Many people might say this is wrong (in the message format) But please take note that there is no space between “verifyplateno” when sending the code and plate number to 33324.

If there is anymore thing you need to know then you can make use of the comment box. If there is any post that you will want to publish then you can try sharing the post title below. Happy New Week! Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. I did not receive any information from the sms code

  2. I sent my car plate number for verification to the sms code no response

  3. The code U sent is Wrong,

    This is the correct one : 33324

    so U can do it thus;
    send ‘verifyplateno abc123aa’ to ‘33324’

  4. I registered my vehicle in 2015, and have renewed it twice. Recently I was told that the no was assigned to another make of vehicle. But in Lagos platform it is my particulars that is there. What do you advise me to do.

    • Hello Victor, it is best you visit the place you bought it from and the issued number area to get more information. It is best you follow it up now before it gets too late. Thank you.

  5. Ndinechi Jude Chidiebere

    I got a new registration to my car KTU717EW….which was registered on September 25th 2017. I got no sms to the effect of the registration and i just logged in to verify….i got the message that the number is valid but has not been assigned to any vehicle. What do i do

  6. Sir, I check my own and the plate number is valid but not assigned to any vehicle and is more than a year now , The vehicle documents was renewed yet not assigned to any vehicle when checked. What can I do?

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