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Unionmobile: How to download Unionbank mobile app on all devices

Mobile banking with application is getting more seamless as the day goes by, where customers can just make quick transaction without encountering any form of issue or problem.

The Union mobile app apk download is available for download on every Android supported Smartphones out there. The Unionmobile is also available for all Smartphones, and devices.

If you are using iPhone, iPad, then you can also make use of the Unionmobile app and it will work as if you are using Unionmobile apk on Android.

Today, you will learn how to download and install the Unionmobile app on your mobile phone, which is also known as the Union bank of Nigeria mobile app.

What is Unionmobile?

Union mobile banking or Unionbank mobile app is an application created, modified by Union bank for their customers to perform seamless transactions such as Payments, data bundle purchase, airtime top-up and many more.

With Union bank app, you really don’t have to set your foot on Union bank to make any transaction, as you can now perform all transaction from your home.

The reason why Union mobile app is just outstanding among others, is that it is available for all operation system. Such as Windows, iOS and Android. You can now download Union bank mobile app for Android.

unionmobile app

New union mobile app

The Union bank of Nigeria online banking app needs internet connection to complete those amazing transactions. And it also requires your Card number and many others.

Recently, Union bank did not only update its Union bank app, they also also attached a new simple and amazing design. It is the redesigned new union mobile app.

Of course, you can download Union bank mobile app for Android, but the new design is just out of the world, making the app more simpler, faster and quite sustainable for all.

The new Unionmobile app now comes with new interface and new features. It also allows you to access to special discount offerings on lifestyle products. Where you can easily locate ATM / Branch.

UnionMobile Features

*. Pay bills: DSTV, GOTV, LCC, PHCN etc.

*. View your account balances and transaction history

*. Transfer to Union Bank and other bank accounts

*. Buy airtime and data bundles

*. Get quick tips, updates on new features, and promotional offers.

*. Cardless Withdrawal: You or a beneficiary can make withdrawals from our ATMs
without debit cards

*. Verify transactions via a self-selected PIN, an SMS token or a hardware token (obtained from any of our branches).

*. Deposit checks straight from your mobile device

*. Find nearby Union Bank banking offices and ATMs

*. Hot Deals: Access to special discount offerings on lifestyle products.

*. Locate ATM / Branch: Locate the nearest branch or ATM to you.

*. Contact Us: Reach out to us via our helplines or on social media.

*. Latest News: Get updated news across the world.

*. Locate Bank Agent: Get the nearest DSA around you for cash deposit/withdrawal and account opening request.

*. Weather Forecast: Plan your day ahead. Get weather details anytime.

How to download Unionmobile app

Once you are an Online Banking user, all you need to do is download the Union Bank Mobile Banking application on any of your device.

The Unionmobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, or Android. Any of the already aforementioned device can access real-time banking information.

For Android Smartphone: You can download the Unionmobile from Google Playstore HERE.

For iOS device like iPhone, iPad: You can download the Union mobile app from itunes HERE.

How to Register for Unionmobile

This is for new users, who are just introduced to Unionmobile app, Union online mobile banking. For new users, here is how to get started:

*. Download the new UnionMobile App and accept the Terms and Conditions

*. Enter account number (OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone number with the bank)

*. Enter the OTP you received on your registered mobile number

*. Choose username and password

*. Choose a new password and transaction PIN then submit

*. Return to home page and Log in

Existing users

Meanwhile for existing users, here is how to get going with all your bank transactions:

*. Download the new UnionMobile App

*. Sign in with your UnionOnline username and password

*. Enter account number and submit (a One Time Passcode will be sent to your registered phone number)

*. Enter OTP

*. Create Transaction Pin

*. You are successfully registered, go to home page and login.

unionmobile app download

Unionmobile FAQs

Here are the Unionmobile Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How can I access this new features?
Answer: We know right! They are awesome features. Downloading the new UnionMobile app would be a great place to start.

Question: How do i download the app?
Answer: Discover our savvy UnionMobile app at the Google Play store, App store, and Windows store.

Question: Will I still be able to use the current Unionmobile app?
Answer: Yes, you can for now, but why use 2G when you can have 4G LTE internet? So hurry, get the new app and experience the seamless transition.

Question: What do I need to log on to the new Unionmobile app?
Answer: Use your UnionOnline username and password

Question: I only have my Nokia torch with me, can I still use Unionmobile app?
Answer: Your phone is not a barrier, don’t worry we got you. All you need to do is dial *826*5# to register.

Question: What if I am not a Uniononline user?
Answer: The question is why aren’t you, it’s okay we forgive you. You can join the Union by Selecting ‘Get Started’ on the home screen, type in your account number and follow the prompts to register and enjoy the simpler smarter banking experience.

Question: What to do after registration?
Answer: Welcome to your upgrade! Enjoy our omni-view app by logging on with the username and password that you chose during registration. You are officially a cool cat.

Question: Will I still have my saved beneficiary on the new Unionmobile?
Answer: We leave no man/woman behind. Our seamless transition means that all saved beneficiaries will remain available.

Question: I want to display my picture on the homepage?
Answer: Talk about a lifestyle app! Of course you can pepper them with your customized profile. Tap on the avatar and upload a picture from your Gallery or take a picture using your phone camera. Slaaay!!

Question: What type of transactions can I perform on Unionmobile?
Answer: You can do just about everything with UnionMobile- last minute anniversary gifts, airtime top up for yourself and others, transfer funds within Union Bank & to other banks, pay bills e.g. Electricity, Cable TV, etc., just think it and search for it. Use *826*5# for limitless transactions.

Question: Can I view my bank statement?
Answer: Our app wouldn’t be omin-view if you couldn’t. To view your statement, select your account from your home page to see your transaction history.

Question: How do i transfer money?
Answer: Feeling generous? Or you want to pay that bill on time? Simple, just select Send Money to make a transfer to other UBN accounts or accounts in other banks, easy does it.

Question: What are the transaction limits on Unionmobile?
Answer: Registration via “Get started” tab= transaction limit of N5,000 for self airtime topup
Login with UnionOnline credentials + choose PIN = transaction limit of N5,000 for self airtime topup
Login with UnionOnline credentials + Debit card activation = transaction limit of N200,000
Login with UnionOnline credentials + Token activation = transaction limit of N200,000

**Transfers above N200,000 will require a token code (from SMS token or hardware token)

Question: I just registered with the “gets started” menu, can i increase my limit?
Answer: Wow! when you’re big, you’re BIG…Yes you can with your debit card details, click on the profile menu and click on limit increase then follow the prompt.

Question: What is the maximum daily transfer limit?
Answer: Maximum instant transfer is N1,000,000. Transfers above N200,000 will require token code (from SMS token or hardware token).

Question: How can I buy airtime? How can I change my password?
Answer: The days of “you have 1 minute remaining” are over simply select ‘Airtime Recharge’.

Question: Can I change my PIN?
Answer: Great idea, you can never be too safe, simply select ‘My Profile’ from the ‘Menu’ tab and then select ‘Change Password’.

Question: Can I use Unionnmobile when am abroad?
Answer: We’re totally fine with you being security conscious, you can change your password as many times as you want. We advise you to change your password often to avoid any compromise.

Question: Can I still use the Unionmobile app if I change my mobile device?
Answer: Great idea, you can never be too safe, To do this, go to “My Profile” from the Menu tab and then select “Change Transaction PIN”.

Question: What is cardless withdrawal?
Answer: Yes, we will cross the seven seas for you. The App can be used wherever there is internet access. Please note that the network provider may charge you for fees associated with the internet access/roaming.

Question: If I forget my PIN, how can I reset it?
Answer: We get it, sometimes you need a change. All you need is to download and install the App from the store of the new mobile device, sign-in with your username and password. You will receive a prompt to change device, click on continue and enter OTP received on mobile number registered with the bank.

Question: If I forget my password, how can I reset it?
Answer: Cardless withdrawal is one of our simpler smarter banking tools which will enable customers make personal and third party withdrawals from any UBN ATM terminal

Question: If I have an issue, what can I do?

Due to the sensitivity involved, we ask that you kindly visit a Union Bank branch. It happens to the best of us, click on Forgot Password On the login page of the App and follow the prompt.
We are one call away, call the IT Care Help Desk, we are always available to help.

If you have any questions, please call UnionCare – our 24/7 Contact Center on 0700 700 7000 or send a mail to [email protected].

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