Go Keyboard app on your Phone now steals your Data and Information

Everyone loves using a unique and amazingly customized keyboard for their Smartphone but nobody loves to know that there is actually a ‘back door that steals data’

Policy and Privacy, Terms and Conditions are one of the biggest Priorities every app company advertise but at the back, there is nothing like that.

Actually, I once made use of the Go Keyboard that has over 100millions downloads, but after, I got tired of using customized keyboard.

Anyway, Go Keyboard is now spying on you, taking your data and information. According to Adguard, saying that the app is spying on users. Therefore, transmitting personal information about users back to its remote server, making worrying connections, as well as “using a prohibited technique to download dangerous executable code.”

go keyboard

Your Data and Information are very important, your banking data including the Passwords, Accounts and Passwords, the Go Keyboard sends the data back to their creators.

Henceforth, if you have the app, why don’t you uninstall it and stay clear of all this applications, as people break into a system that is not well secured.

Most times, they sell your data, making money from your data and information too. Third-party keyboards aren’t most times secured and well arranged.

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