Android Mobile Smartphones will be launching more Emoji sooner or later in 2016 either this June Ending or by the end of this Year alongside with the Naija Emoji, Bible Emoji and the popular Stephen Emoji.

Emojis have changed the way we talk to each other, It’s a fun, easy way to express yourself when words just aren’t enough — and people love them! According to the Emojipedia, the new Emoji will be launching very sooner or later with more than 72 new Emoji will be officially added to the Android System.

The Android N is already ahead of the ball (having supported Unicode 9.0 emoji before it was even finalized). While Nexus devices will officially receive the final version of Android N this Fall — complete with all the new Unicode 9.0 emoji. The New Emojis of Android are indeed wonderful and elaborating!

Unicode 9 emoji

Today, the Facebook Messenger launched 1,500 New Emoji on their new messenger application. Android are addressing emoji woes by rolling out a new set of standardized emojis so you can be sure you’re sending the right message. With Emoji, your words become more shorter, simple, easy and more understandable.

And one thing about the new Emoji that is about rolling out, the Android system supports wide use of new emoji, as they’ll be accessible everywhere on your phone, regardless of the app you’re using. Be it Social apps, messaging apps or what, you can use the Emoji to the fullest. Which you complete with all the new Unicode 9.0 emoji!

The committee approved of 72 new emoji that will eventually make their way to Android and iOS later this year at the 2016Q2 UTC meeting. The Emojis includes Rolling On The Floor Laughing, Face With Cowboy Hat, Clown Face, Lying Face, Drooling Face, Nauseated Face, Sneezing Face, Prince, Mother Christmas, Man In Tuxedo, Shrug, Face Palm, Pregnant Woman, Man Dancing, Selfie
Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed, Call Me Hand, Left-Facing Fist, Right-Facing Fist, Raised Back Of Hand, Handshake, Black Heart, Gorilla, Fox Face, Deer, Rhinoceros, Bat, Eagle etc

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