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Download UBA mobile banking app for Android and iOS – UBA App

Introducing to you today is the official UBA app for mobile banking. It was formerly known as U-mobile but the bank has upgraded the app and it is now known as UBA Mobile Banking App, which offers easy transactions.

Like other bank apps, the UBA app allows you to complete a series of bank transactions without visiting the bank’s physical address, or even queuing in a line, as it wastes people’s time, especially the working class.

We can definitely acknowledge the fact that there is traffic everywhere, although, we are still aware that about traffic lights and traffic officers trying to control the roads for everyone, but it doesn’t always work out well.

And now there are the intrusive bus-stops that are radically crowded and a lot of people are going to the bank, which will, in turn, creates queues in the bank. You don’t have to spend quality time in bank queues when you’ve got the UBA app to take control of your time and money.

UBA bank app

What is UBA app – UBA Mobile Banking

One thing is sure, the UBA Mobile Banking is now the official UBA mobile banking app for smartphones such as Android, iPhone, iPad that allows you to perform 24-hour banking transactions from the comfort of your home.

It was currently upgraded this May, offering a sleek, classy, and comes with new perks and features that give you more value, a better experience, and puts you in control.

UBA, United Bank for Africa upgrades its mobile app, and also introduces new customer packages. As you can now pay for everything with your Android Phone, Blackberry Phone, iPhone, and Java Phones. With the UBA mobile banking app on your phone, you will never miss a thing.

Imagine one paying and booking for flights, buying airtime, sending airtime, transfer money, buying and paying from online with visiting the Banking Hall, isn’t that amazing? You can perform all this with the UBA app.

Features of UBA Mobile Banking app

Below are some exclusive benefits and features you will enjoy when you download and install the mobile banking app and get to understand how it works in image and texts after.

The UBA Mobile banking is easy and convenient and it does not add your busy schedule as you verify everything within the twinkle of your eye. It can do virtually everything you are to do at the banking hall.

• It is sleek

• Toggle between day and night modes

• It is swift

• Automatic insertion of OTP received via SMS on the transaction screen

• It is classy

• It comes with new perks and features that give you more value, a better experience.

• Quick log-in within a few seconds with the biometric option on devices that support this feature

• Faster navigation with the sliding menu available on all user sessions

• Fewer, more intuitive screens enhancing the user experience

• ATM/Branch locator

• 24-hour customer service support via live chat

• Quick selection of phone numbers from device contacts list for airtime top-up

• Favourites list creation for easier transactions

• UBA Premium Lifestyle allows you to enjoy 2 movie tickets, 1 event ticket, a 20% discount on food, and medical consultation, as you talk to a doctor and get access to 24/7 medical consultation and other benefits at just N1,500 monthly.

• Auto reminders for recurrent bill payments and transfers

• Get Up to N5Million in 30 secs or less with Click Credit Loans.

• Biometric Log in & Security

• Access Quick Loans of up to N150,000

• Order food from up to 100 of the best restaurants in town.

• Group Transfers – Send money to up to 100 people at a go with our multiple transfers option.

• Hide/display balance from the home page at the tap of a button.

• Log your complaints or make inquiries with the live chat now embedded in the app.

UBA also boasts as a listening institution, that aims to provide the best value possible for its customers through a more interactive, user-friendly interface that makes available a myriad of opportunities from the comfort of customers’ homes.

uba app

Benefits of UBA App

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc did not only upgrade its mobile banking application. They also introduced a bunch of exciting and interactive features to aid banking, whilst allowing customers to perform unlimited transactions with simple taps on their mobile phones.

You can possibly do the following from the comfort of your home. The below transaction can be done on your UBA bank app and you can perform all the orders or transactions without paying a dime. Such as:

*. Balance Enquiry

*. Mini Statement

*. Request Cheque Book

*. Stop Cheque and Confirm Cheque

*. Hotlist Prepaid Cards

*. You can send money to friends and family

*. You can send money to other banks

*. You can pay bills such as electricity, cables like GOtv, DStv, CanTV, Startimes, etc and even Water

*. You can recharge or buy airtime to your preferred sim on any network, such as MTN, Airtel, Ntel, Etisalat, Vodafone, Glo, etc.

*. You can also buy airtime for your loved ones

*. You can also access the app anywhere and everywhere, at the home, office, market area, etc.

*. You can also manage your accounts successfully without complaints from the comfort of your home without visiting the banking hall

*. You can get to know your account balance

*. You can know your last/previous transaction

UBA upgraded mobile banking app

How to download UBA app for your device

Below is a various model of phones and gadgets that have been allowed to make use of the UBA mobile app. It can even offer recurrent bill payments and transfers for all devices. Here is how to download the app right now:

• For Android Smartphones: Download the application from Google Playstore Here. It was currently updated, v5.5.98, 23M size, 1,000,000+ installation, 3.8 rating star, and requires Android 4.4 and up.

• For iPhones: Download the application from iTunes Here. Version 5.5.98, 74.1MB size, and requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

• For Blackberry 10: Download the application from the Blackberry app world Here.

• For Java Phones: Download U mobile app from Official UBA website Here.

Activation And Registration

This is a simple tutorial for those UBA customers that want to register with UBA mobile with their valid account, prepaid card, or debit card.

All you have to do is to download and install the app, agreeing to terms and conditions, and click on “register with prepaid card”, “register with account Number” and a PIN will automatically be generated and sent to your phone.

Now, you have to download the UBA Secure Pass app, it is UBA’s customized version of the mobile token, for use in authorizing transactions. It is used for any UBA service which requires the authorization of transactions.

How To Buy Airtime Using UBA App

As we all now know, the UBA mobile app lets you view account details, check available balances, make transfers, pay bills, buy airtime, and more.

So in essence, we will also use this platform to explain to you the details on how to buy airtime or credits as you may call from UBA mobile app.

• Launch the app.

• Click on airtime Top-up, immediately a new page will open.

• Select prepaid or postpaid depending on your Plan

• Select self if you wish to recharge the number with which you register your UBA mobile app. Otherwise, select the third-party and input the number if you are to recharge another phone number

• Click on the network field to select your mobile service provider

• Click on a value to select the amount you which to recharge

• Select next

• Click on the account to use the field to select the account from where you choose to recharge…only if you have more than one account registered on the UBA Mobile app

• Select current or Savings

• Lastly enter your UBA mobile app PIN to authorize the app.

• Then click on send

• A pop-up message would be displayed, to confirm your inputs;

• Select yes, I am sure to continue, otherwise select Cancel.

You can now enjoy mobile banking with your UBA app and Token app on your Android, Blackberry, Java, and iPhone devices. Please, if you have any complaints then you can reach the UBA customer service app.

UBA customer care service

To contact the UBA customer care service, you either choose to call, send an email, or find them online via any of the following places:

• Telephone: (+234) 07002255-822 and (+234) 01-6319822

• Email: [email protected] for prompt assistance

• Twitter: @UBACares – You can follow the @UBAGroup and #UBAMobileApp on Twitter for more incentive

• Facebook: @ubagroup

• Live Chat available on the log-in screen of the app

These services are available 24/7, allowing you to call them regularly, send them a message on Email, or even Tweet at them or one of the hashtags anytime. My most preferred is via UBA Twitter handle.

One thing is sure, UBA mobile banking gives you unrestricted and secure access to your account. Bank anytime, anywhere, on your computer, tablet, smartphones, or any internet-enabled device.

Frequent Questions and Answers

We are going to provide some questions and answers, culled from UBA official website.

• Q: I am out of data. How else can I do my banking transactions?

A: If you are out of data or in a weak internet region, you can still use our magic banking code *919# to transact. Simply dial *919# and follow the prompt. Please note that the same PIN used for your UBA Mobile Banking will be used for UBA Magic Banking.

• Q: What happens when I change my device or download a new UBA Mobile Banking app?

A: When you change your device and/or download a new app, your profile may become temporarily inactive. This is to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You may be prompted to be re-registered on the new device, simply proceed with the instructions.

• Q: What happens if I forget my password?

A: If you forget your password, the app will prompt you to reset your password. You can also use Having trouble entering the App? tab on the log-in screen

• Q: What happens if I forget my PIN or just want to change my PIN?

A: You can change your PIN by clicking on Change PIN under the Setting menu (after login)

• Q: What else can I do with UBA Mobile Banking?

A: You can check the location of the nearest UBA ATMs and know if the ATMs are active (i.e. dispensing cash) or inactive (not dispensing cash). You also can take a tour to know what you can do with the mobile app and contact our 24/7 CFC via phone, email or Live Chat

• Q: How can I increase my transaction limit?

The following transaction limits apply:
PIN – N200, 000/day
OTP – N200k per day
Secure Pass – N1miliion/day

Note: For higher limits, up to N5million per day, you will need to visit any of our Business Offices or contact CFC to execute an indemnity. Please note that these limits are as regulated by the CBN.

• Q: Can I create a list of regular beneficiaries (favorites)?

A: Yes, when doing your transactions, there is a tab for saving to the favorites list to add your favorites. You can then be selected from your favorite list in subsequent transactions.

Note: Your favorite can be edited/deleted from settings, by sliding the favorite to the left.

• Q: How do I view my account statement?

A: After you log in to the app, select the account or card you would like to view and click on the Statement to display your transactions. You will be able to view your last 6 months’ statement.

uba self service debit card printing machine

UBA also introduced its self-service debit card printing machine. It is called the UBA Vend-Your-Card machine, which allows you to make your own debit card in less than 3mins.

So upgrade to our new UBA Mobile Banking App, and stay in control of your time and money like the boss that you are. UBA just provided a completely enhanced mobile banking experience to its customers with this new app.

N/B: Please be very much aware that FBL is NOT associated with UBA BANK!

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    I don’t think I would bank with you again…
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    Unless they refund my money back..

  2. please i want to download uba mobile app using my samasung phone ad dey said i should sms 20220. pls how do i go about d sms pls

    1. Hello Audu, the link to download the app is located there. Anyway, the Sms is D UMOBILE to 20220 or UMOBILE to 20220.

      Thanks, your feedback would be highly appreciated.

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