According to Android Police, they forget to inform anyone that they have introduced the two-factor authentication but guess what, no one is angry.

Right now, the basic and latest security for all accounts is the two-factor authentication, it is able to secure your account from those that want to break into your account, probably, to steal some information or impersonation.

You have to turn on SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) or generate a one-time login code either use Google Authenticator and Authy. Below are the step by step guide on how to go through the process successfully.

*. Install a two-factor authentication app like Google Authenticator or Authy, and set up your personal account with the service on your phone.

*. Log in to Twitter and head to Settings.

*. Under the ‘Security’ head, check the box that says ‘Verify login requests’ and type in the verification code you receive via SMS on that page.

*. Next, click the button labeled ‘Setup a code generator app’; instructions, along with a bar code will pop up. Launch the 2FA app on your phone and use it to scan the bar code.

*. You’ll now see a six-digit code labeled Twitter in your 2FA app. The next time you try to log into Twitter, you’ll be prompted to enter this code that changes every few seconds. It works even if your phone is offline.

It is just as simple as that.

Source: TNW

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