Twitter launches Block Feature – Blocked Users will not see your timelines

Twitter are really coming hard on Annoying friends and followers. You can now officially block your twitter friends or twitter followers sharing news that you don’t love. You don’t wanna see my posts or status on Twitter, you can now officially block me.

In others words, Twitter aims to keep the trolls at bay with improved ‘block’ feature. With this Twitter Improves Block Feature you can start banishing Blocked Users From Seeing Timelines. Before, if you block any user on twitter, that particular user will continue to view your timeline and re-tweet you but today, it has been changed.

twitter blocked feature

It seems like Twitter wanted some of that negative attention, and they’ve certainly gotten it. Twitter changed their block feature. In another sentence, Twitter makes annoying people disappear with a more streamlined block feature.

Anytime, you block any user, the block simply forces the user to unfollow you and prevents them from re-following. But Note that, it doesn’t however, keep them from seeing your tweets if they’re quoted or re tweeted by another of their followers, nor does it keep you from seeing their content under the same circumstances.

Twitter recently announced “fittingly in a Tweet” that it had made blocking more user-friendly in a way to help users control their experience on the network.

Once blocked, they’ll no longer see any of your tweets (no matter who replies or retweets them) and you’ll no longer have to worry about seeing theirs. But Twitter said the launch of the improved functionality wasn’t as a response to any particular event.

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