How to download TransferWise App on your Android and iPhone Device

TransferWise app are available for both Android and iOS Smartphone, and you can easily download them from their official app store.

The TransferWise Money Transfer has its own application, and it allows customers and users to send money abroad from all around the world at a lost costs.

Well, like it or leave it but TransferWise can be trusted, as they are completely regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). That means, the transactions are legit.

TransferWise Short Review

TransferWis0e is just the perfect options, when it comes to sending money outside the country. They implemented a smart method of transferring money abroad.

They uses a smart new approach to allow people to send and receive money safely from abroad without the high fees added by most high-street banks.

Actually, their exchange rate is what have kept them outstanding from others. As they are not much interested in the commission as much as by your local streets banks.

With TransferWise app, you can send money abroad quickly and easily, at the lowest possible cost with TransferWise. Hold and convert your money in 28 currencies. And always get the real exchange rate.

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TransferWise App

As already aforementioned, TransferWise app can be accessed either from Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone iOS devices, and you can easily download them.

Both TransferWise Android and iOS app extension has one goal, and that is to allow you transfer and send money abroad to your friends, families and business associate.

With the TransferWise app, all your transfers will be at your fingertips. As it allows you to keep track of your transfers on the go with the TransferWise app.

Download TransferWise App on Android

If you are using any supported Android supported Smartphone, then you can go ahead and download the application on your mobile handset.

While if you are using Android Smartphone, you can go ahead and download the application from Google Playstore HERE.

With the TransferWise app, you can make new transfers wherever you are, ever at the touch of a button. TransferWise app is always the best among others and they can be trusted.

Because every time you send, spend, or receive money internationally, you’ll pay the lowest possible price. Here are some benefits and features.

transferwise app android

Benefits of TransferWise

– Send money to a family member abroad.
– Send money to a friend
– Pay a bill in another country.
– Pay off your mortgage or loan abroad
– Hold and manage your money in 28 currencies
– Get paid in multiple currencies (AUD, GBP, EUR, USD), without any fees

Download TransferWise App on iPhone

One thing about the TransferWise is that they uses the real exchange rate to help expats, foreign students, businesses, freelancers and people living international lives to send, receive, and spend money — securely, conveniently, and at a very low cost.

You can download TransferWise App on your Apple iPhone iOS device from iTunes HERE.

transferwise app on iphone

*. Send money internationally: Traditional providers like banks and PayPal might mark up your exchange rate, or charge you high fees, or both. At TransferWise, we do neither. You always get the real exchange rate, for a low, upfront fee, when you send money to over 70 countries.

*. Spend money internationally: Your free multi-currency account will let you hold over 40 currencies at once and convert between them – at the real rate – whenever you want. (Go to “Balances”.)

*. Receive money internationally: Your account gives you bank details for the UK, US, Eurozone, and Australia – so you can get paid from those places with zero fees.

*. Do it all on your own time: Think of this app as your international finance dashboard – available anytime, any place. It will also keep you updated on your transactions with push notifications, and let you log in to your account with Touch or Face ID.

Understand that the TransferWise is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, Firm Reference 900507, for the issuing of electronic money. That means, they are secured and real!

And TransferWise Contact has an overall rating of 9.5 stars, their customer care service is undoubtedly the best. As they offer live chat, twitter support, and their official blog contact form.

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