Top Useful Apps That Every Smartphone Should Have

Every day a large number of new programs appear on the app market. Some of them, like 22Bet, are aimed at entertainment, while others help work and simplify life. Apps for Android devices take up a large share, partly because they offer more features than other platforms.

So that you don’t get lost among the huge variety, we have made an overview of the most useful applications that are really worthy of attention and have a place on your mobile device.

CCleaner – Free up Your Smartphone Memory

This is one of the best utilities for freeing up memory on your smartphone. You literally need to press one button – the application itself will scan your gadget, find everything unnecessary, and free up a couple of hundred MB of precious memory. App cache, unused programs, heavy files – all this can be deleted with CCleaner.

KeePass – Take Care of Security

This password manager works on absolutely all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. To make sure you don’t forget what your password is on the next website, install it on all your gadgets and let it remember everything for you. The program saves your passwords in the cloud and makes them available on the selected device.

AirDroid – When You Love Your PC and Smartphone Equally

AirDroid helps you connect your smartphone to your computer without any fuss – just install the program on both devices. The app will display notifications from your smartphone on your PC screen, so you won’t miss a single call or message. You can also remotely upload files to and from your smartphone.

Microsoft Outlook – One Inbox for All Your Messages

Instead of Google, Yandex, and other mail, you can install one app that connects all your inboxes at once: Microsoft’s Outlook. Here you can set up notifications from specific mailboxes and manage your mailing lists without having to switch between multiple applications.

OpenVPN Connect – To the Internet Without Bans

Lately, everything has been blocked. You need a reliable VPN application in order not to become a victim of this lawlessness and to enter your favorite sites in peace. With OpenVPN Connect you can access services that are not available in Russia, watch blocked videos on YouTube, and download applications for other regions.

ES Explorer – Clean Up Your Smartphone

ES Explorer is an essential application that can help you organize your files and create a convenient data storage structure on your smartphone. Through it, you can transfer files to your computer, move them in internal folders, sort and create your own partitions. The app works directly with cloud storage, so you don’t have to install Google Drive or Dropbox additionally. If you have root rights, you can quickly access your smartphone’s system partition via ES Explorer.

Trello – Schedule Everything in the World

Trello turns your smartphone into a convenient organizer that helps you plan all your work and home tasks. The app works on both PCs and smartphones. Trello works on PCs and smartphones, and it’s easy for everyone in your family and friends to browse and take notes. The advantage of Trello is that it is a very simple and flexible system that anyone can adapt to. The planner is a board on which you can create an unlimited number of cards. You can write to-do lists, add comments, files, tags, and deadlines.


The top-rated app created for time management today is TimeTune. This scheduler is quite flexible: it can control your time for a day, a week, or even a month, taking into account non-standard work schedules, such as floating or overnight. You can also create a schedule for other people: subordinates or children, so they remember what they need to do and when. To quickly find the task you need, there is a tagging system, which, however, can be supplemented and corrected, as well as notification sounds. If you want to see, the relevant analytics. The paid version of the program allows you to paint the theme in different colors and, more importantly, to delete unnecessary daily tasks and synchronize with your Google calendar.

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