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Top unimaginable and funny ATMs worldwide

On hearing ATM, we basically know what it is meant for. An automated teller machine (ATM) is an electronic banking outlet, which allows customers to complete basic transactions using their debit/mastercard without the aid of a branch representative or teller.

That is the definition of a simple ATM, where you can go and withdraw your cash, but do you believe that they are other weird, amazing ATMs that exist in the world. Although, they are not found in Nigeria, but across the country’s!

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EcoATM – Trading your old phones for cash

The company, EcoATM, explains that they help by providing instant cash for used devices that previously were personal clutter at home. The lifestyle end result is sustainable, simple, uncluttered, and beneficially enhanced.

It is quite simple and understandable, there are reliable and legit shops out there, that accept your old electronics, and give you newer ones, but here, EcoATM does the other side.

Find one branch of the Kiosk, insert your phone, follow the procedure, then there would determine fault and evaluate the price of the phone, and if you accept, you will be paid instantly. But in some cases, with greater damage, EcoATM will ask you, if they could recycle the device, but won’t pay a dime. Check this video below;

Gold Dispensers

Only seen in Dubai, from the name you will understand the works. The Gold dispenser, is an ATM that dispenses gold bars. Yea, you read that right. You select how many karat of gold, you need, put in your cash and it automatically gives it to you instantly.

Pizza ATM

No need visiting an eatery, or home delivery. But only seen in Ohio Xavier University, in US. Students find it easy to enjoy their meal, quickly.

Costumes Dispensers

Hello beautiful ladies, what are you wearing? do your outfit need any addition costumes, here is the L’Oreal cosmetics ATM in a NYC subway station.

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There are many other also;

– Fresh Juice ATM – In Kreation Juicery’s Beverly hills location in LA
– Bitcoin – Oh yes, you saw that right. It isn’t sorcery!
– Doughnuts ATM – In London
– Marijuana ATM – For countries that made Marijuana legal: In Duh. Vancouver
– Luxury items fron $10 – $1m: In Mondrian South Beach
– Crabs ATM: Live Crab in Hangzhou, China
– Cupcake ATM – Available along the streets of NYC, Chicago, LA and Nashville
– Underwear: Only seen in Japan.

Have you ever got a chance with any of the above ATMs?

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