Airtel 4G LTE MiFi Router

Best 9 MiFi Router – MiFi Buying Guide

Top tech giant company’s out there manufacturers cutting-edge devices and hardware. And MiFi portable device is among the top selling products. We’re in the technology age, where everyone wants to browse the web with faster internet connection. MiFi are also a great, cost-effective option for

blackberry aurora phone

Top best BlackBerry phones you can get right now

These are the top best Blackberry phones with exclusive designs and fine-cutting edge specs and features. Blackberry phones are indeed a great device for everyone, indeed it is the best security phones for all. We certainly knew how Nokia fell out from the staggering markets

iphone x

Top 10 Android phones with notch display – But is it necessary?

Naturally, mobile phone producers keeps ditching older designs for newer designs trends. “if you can beat them, you should join them” but concerning this aspect, I really think, they should create a newer innovation than just copying iPhone X “notch” Although, Essential phone was the

power banks

Top 10 Cheap Original Power Banks for Smartphones in Nigeria

Having power bank as external battery charger back-up or plan B for your device such as Smartphones, Laptops etc when the battery runs down is one great tech accessories and it is a must have for everyone. It is highly notable that Nigerians knows the

F.Dorla Waterproof Solar Power Bank

Top 10 Best Solar Power Bank / Solar Charger – Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best solar charger for your electronics? Smartphones (cell phones, handset) tablet, laptop / PC or other gadgets? then below is the top 10 list of best solar power bank chargers for your various devices. A Solar charger takes it power

rugged smartphones

Top 10 Military Rugged Waterproof Smartphones (Unlocked)

Everybody wants a Rugged Smartphone in his / her house and keep the other one perfectly fine. Those that has a strong job where they might get exposed to sunlight, mud, water and other minor / major environmental hazardous exposure, a military rugged smartphone with

phone with fingerprint sensr

Best Android Smartphones with Fingerprint Scanner under N30k

We all discovered that Android Mobile Smartphones started getting good and innovative fingerprint sensor or scanner in 2015 – later, they all started featuring from the high price to low price. A lot of phone produces or manufacturers especially the ones who are getting a

valentines day

Top Best Valentine Tech Gifts in Nigeria 2018 – top picks

Valentine is coming soon, in less that few days, we will be celebrating a unique day for determined persons. Valentine’s Day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. It is usually recognized

Top Best Portable Smartphone for Business

It is not all the best smartphone in the world that are really good for business. However, today we would like to show you few smartphone that is really good for business. Do you know that a great smartphone isn’t necessarily a great work phone? Technology

tablets in nigeria

Top Best Portable Tablets In Nigeria (2018)

Today, the below list of the top brands of best tablets was not compiled due to the popularity of the manufacturer but it was gathered among-st others due to the way, it was designed and also the inside also shows it all. Yea, it is

Top Best 4G LTE Android Smartphones

It is no longer news that 3G Android Smartphone is gradually coming to an end. Yes, as the day goes by, we say Goodbye to 3G Network as we are welcoming 4G LTE Network! LTE, an abbreviation for Long-Term Evolution! So, all the top and

android smartphone

Top Best Android Smartphone in Kenya under Ksh 10,000

Today, we will be listing out the best Android Smartphones for Kenya! People don’t usually budget much for device like Tablets, Smartphones i.e Blackberry, iPhones, Android phones, iOS and the rest. So today, if you are with Ksh 10,000 or less, we will be listing