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Best Films Inspired By Video Games: Top 5 Picks

Movies inspired by video games are generally pretty hit or miss but the following films have got all the ingredients that make them as entertaining, if not more so in some cases, than the source material. Video games are one of the most popular forms

Apple iPad Pro (2018)

The Best iPad and tablets for teachers – Android, Chrome OS and iOS

Teachers practically help students to acquire knowledge and understand more about education and its importance. That is why they need the best tablets for teachers, which will allow them to provide an in-depth and state-mandated test of basic skills to their students. With the help

48MP camera phone

Good 48-megapixel camera phones in India and International

Actually, we knew it was coming, and the 48-megapixel camera phones are here, and you can even purchase one for your personal use. Here are all the top best phones with 48-Megapixel camera lens. There was once, when we contemplated on phones having more lens,

20 Top Best (Under) In-display Fingerprint Sensor Phones and Prices

As a means of authentications measures, biometric enhancements, it is no longer news that technology is a never-ending game of innovation. Recall, when we had to tap pin to unlock our mobile phones? Well, security measures has moved way ahead to the Fingerprint sensors era

Latest Fero Phones and Price-List | List of all Fero Phones!

Fero mobile is rising as one of the fastest growing Smartphone brand in Nigeria, and some countries in Africa. Fero mobile device are integrated with soft and trending features, especially their Royale Series. We will review the top Fero phones. Although, they are bunch of

Galaxy Note 8

Top Best Latest Samsung phones to buy right now

The South Korean giant, Samsung electronics is among the best rated company with huge presence worldwide. Samsung electronics participates in world class products, such as smartwatches, speakers, TV, armories, charging docks, Smart things, laptops, DVDs, and many others. Apart from all this amazing gadgets and

Top best and Latest Infinix phones with Fingerprint sensor

Infinix Mobility is among the top best selling Android Smartphones makers in Africa and other Asian countries. Today, we will list out the top best and latest Infinix phones with fingerprint sensor. Infinix mobile phone makers are verily the best in the Smartphone industry. Recently,

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Best Internet browsers – Fastest and Secured web browsers

In the modern era of technology, it is quite hard to choose the Best Internet browsers for mobile phone, especially for Android phones, PC, Mac. Web internet browsers helps one to keep in touch, with what is happening all around the world. Internet Browsers, are