Top 5 Gaming Desks in 2020 Based on Game You Play

What’s your gaming flavor? Every gamer has their preferred style of game, even if they dabble in other categories from time to time. Well, just as everyone has their favorite style of game, there are different desk setups that suit different types of games too. Find your favorite type of game on our list of five and then check out the desk setup that’s optimized for the best and most comfortable gaming experience – tailored to your gameplay.

1. Shooter games

Let’s generalize a bit here and say that most serious gamers play shooter games as their number one pick. Titles like Counter-Strike and Fortnite are hot at the moment. For playing these sorts of games, yes, it’s best to get a dedicated gaming desk.

Top 5 Gaming Desks in 2020 Based on Game You Play

This can house your entire gaming setup, with a couple of screens (and a couple of keyboards) if necessary. Make sure that your desk is wide enough and long enough to house your fixed setup comfortably and is super sturdy, so you don’t shake everything while you’re playing your games.

Unfortunately, we’re all different heights, which means that everyone needs a different height desk for the best ergonomic setup. Do your measurements and make sure you purchase a desk that is best for your personal requirements.

2. Adventure games

We’re going to hazard a guess and say that most adventure games are played on consoles: you’ll be familiar with titles like Zelda: Call of the Wild for Switch and The Last of Us 2 for PlayStation.

And what does console gaming usually mean? You’re playing on the couch instead of sitting down at a desk to play. Console titles are meant for this style of play, so you’re in luck. Just make sure your couch is comfy enough, with enough back support, your screen is close enough (or big enough) to see properly, and then you can play until the controller starts to make your hands numb. Just kidding, stop before this happens!

3. Strategy gaming

Strategy gaming is a serious business. Games like Age of Empires and Warcraft can have you playing for hours and hours on end. It’s for this reason that a gaming desk for strategy games should be as convertible as possible.

What do we mean by that? Well, since plenty of strategy players find themselves in the depths of a game for 5, even 10 hours, that you will want to change your position from seated to standing across the time period so that you don’t get aches and pains or suffer from blood flow restrictions to various regions.

You can find desks that are easily converted from sitting to standing desks – even some that work mechanically/electronically, instead of having to manually adjust them. Make sure to break up long periods of gameplay with a change of position, even if you don’t want to stop gaming.

4. Casino gambling

Casino gambling fans are generally a little more relaxed in their gameplay, unless you’re an online poker pro for a living. Real money casinos, whether you’re playing slots or table games, are available via the browser, which means you can play via any device.

For casino games, you can play your favorites from the comfort of your own home, without having to have a dedicated setup. This means you can play on desktop at your work desk, on your laptop on the couch, in bed, or standing up at the countertop, or on your phone from just about anywhere.

The right desk for casino gambling is likely an all-purpose desk that you use as an office or even your kitchen table – just make sure it’s at a good height (and your chair is too) to ensure you don’t get stress injuries from playing too long.

5. Racing

Racing games require a bit of a different setup than standard games. Here, you want the most life-like experience.

This will mean optimizing your desk based on how a racing car seat would fit into the picture. It may also mean a curved or three-screen setup for maximum real-life experience. Since you’ll want an angled chair, steering wheels, pedals, gears, etc., you’re best off finding a desk that is adjustable to a seriously low height.

Check out this racing setup for some inspiration.

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