There are a lot of different PC models out there, each of them depending by many different categories, such as purpose (work, games, watching films or just surfing the net), price, and even shape and color. So sometimes it’s really hard to get what is best and which one you need.

And even if you find the model you like, the other problem is finding a good place where to buy it. Today we are going to explain you the basics of buying the good product for a good price so you get more confident with it. Ready? Let’s go.

Top 3 most expensive desktop PCsThe first PC on our list is LENOVO IDEACENTRE A10-300 being not as powerful as its prototypes, yet considered one of the best PCs in the world for its simplicity in use. All-in-one means that monitor, hard drive, powerful processor and video card all come in one piece.

Top 3 most expensive desktop PCs

Next comes HP Pavilion 27-n141 Signature Edition All-in-one. As you see, this is also all-in-one computer, and generally it is similar to ideacentre, but equipped with latest iCore 7 and 16 GB RAM this is one of the most ultimate machines in the world.

Top 3 most expensive desktop PCs

Last but not least, comes HP Envy Curved 34-A051. Now the word innovation comes to play. This is the first desktop with curved monitor in the world.

It provides outstanding visuals, as the iCore 7 can handle any task given to it, and Intel® RealSense(TM) Camera integrated into PC allows you to talk with anyone at high level of communication.

Top 3 most expensive desktop PCs

Why is it worth buying a good desktop PC?

Of course, everyone nowadays want a powerful PC, no matter what they are using it for. A big memory capacity and powerful processor is as useful for games as it is for busy people, because you can launch as many background applications as you want without losing framerate, and it’s a really awesome experience launching “heavy” game on maximum graphics.

Probably, reading these lines you began to want one of these dreamboats for yourself, but you think you cannot afford this? You are completely wrong because thanks to you can buy a lot of useful stuff other people don’t need anymore,  for example, PCs. Even top PCs. Just think about it: for the cost of a cheap PC you can get a working powerful monster delivered right to your home in a few days. Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

The benefits of buying a used PC:

  • If you are afraid someone wants to sell you a broken device, you have the right to see it by yourself before paying any cent!
  • It’s easy! You just choose what you need and you get it in a few clicks.
  • The transportation of your PC can be absolutely free if you find the offer close to your location.
  • Again, you can’t find better prices for famous brands. You can compare the prices in your local store to the Jiji prices and get convinced, that there is no better place to buy a new desktop PCs than Jiji.

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