Did you know PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format’? It’s a documents format that contains text, links, and images. There are also many other formats that do the same task, but there are a few benefits of PDF that make it better than others. Almost every professional uses PDF to send and receive their files. Here I have shared a few benefits of this format that will make you start using it too.

They are Smaller in Size

The size of a document may not sound like a big problem but it is when you are regularly dealing with it. PDF generally has a smaller size compared to other document formats. The small size makes it easy to send a file to others. One file of in KBs can be easily dealt with, but it becomes a nuisance when you have to manage and share hundreds of files on a regular basis.

PDF Readers are Free

There isa lot of software used to read this format. All of them are free to use fora lifetime. These tools also offer extra features for your ease which may be premium. But it’s always free to open and read it, unlike word documents. MS Word and other similar software cost you hundreds of dollars to use them. But PDF is different, simple, easy, free, and secure.

You Can Protect them with Password

Documents contain data. And data is an important asset of every firm. It can damage a company if their data gets in the hands of an unauthorized malicious user. That’s why PDF allows you to protect it with a password. This way, you can send it over the internet without any worries because no one can open it without the password you set.

Even without the password, you can’t edit a PDF file. Some users consider it a major drawback. But there is a solution. If you want to modify a PDF file, you should visit sodapdf.com/pdf-editor/. Soda PDF is an online tool that allows you to edit the content and formatting ofa PDF file. You can also remove, add, or merge pages using this tool.


Its Formatting Doesn’t Change

Formatting of a document is just as important as its content. It controls the display of a document. The page size, font size, margins, boundaries, and images all are essential in the formatting. Even the slightest change in one of them can sabotage the look of the entire document. If you often deal with documents, you would know how difficult it can be to manage or end a file within one page.

When you close and reopen, you find that all that formatting has automatically changed. This particularly creates a problem when you have to print that document and edit it all over again. The good news is, this doesn’t happen in PDF. The size and setting of every font, margin, and image remain exactly the same. This is why professionals always save their files in PDF before printing or sharing it.

Everyone is Using it

Have you ever heard the complaint that recipient can’t open the file you sent him? I have – many times!This happens when the other person doesn’t have the required software installed in his device. PDF is a universally adopted document format. You will never face this issue because every device and operating system support this format. Moreover, every professional uses it and has a software installed for it.

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