Tecno are not folding their hands this year, 2016 will be the best year ever, when it comes to launching of Android Smartphone. The latest and the best Tecno Camera Phone is still yet at its best and people are craving for it, meanwhile, Tecno are planning on bringing in newer device.

Tecno are planning on launching their 2016 Flagship Android Smartphone, called Tecno Phantom 6 and Tecno Phantom 6 Plus. We are still expecting other Android Smartphone from Tecno, meanwhile, we didn’t know the big owners of Infinix and iTel are planning on launching more DroiPad!

remix os for tecno

After the launch of the former Tecno DroidPad 7C Pro and the Tecno DroidPad 8D (8II), which arrived with a lot of amazing specifications and features. Tecno are once again here, introducing to us is the latest DroidPad called “TECNO Droipad 10 Pro II

The New upcoming Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II is amazing built with a lot of specification. The features are a lot more like the Tecno 2016 Flagship. But with different designs, different interface and more other features. But there is something more different about Tecno DroidPad 10 Pro, something special.

Did you know that No Tecno Products has ever Featured Remix OS? The Remix OS is an Android variant that provides a custom desktop interface which allows the mobile OS with productivity characteristics of a desktop OS. Hence, the Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II will be first Tecno Products to run the Remix OS!

remix os with tecno droidpad 10 pro

What You Should Know about Remix OS!

So just like the remix of musics, The Remix OS combines both Windows OS and the Android OS. So you can enjoy the features of Laptops, PC, Windows such as task-bar, multiple multitasking tabs, sidebar notifications including other amazing features. Official Website; Jide Blog Remix OS

On their twitter handle, Remix OS says, “Remix OS for PC has been migrated to Android Marshmallow” Which is indeed a great news. And you can also run Remix OS on a Mac. All this features coming to one Phone! The DroidPad 10 Pro will be amazing and superior to other Tecno Products and brands of phones in Nigeria.

remix OS

And if you’re a non-Windows user, this Remix OS for PC installation guide right here is for you! There are many other amazing things this Remix OS can do! Google Mobile Services were removed from the Remix Mini after Remix OS Update: 2.0.307 which Jide claimed was to ‘ensure a consistent experience across all Android devices for all.

And with Remix OS for PC, the OTA update fixes most Wi-Fi issues! The latest Version of Remix OS, which is 2.0.403 was released on July 15, 2016. And most users are already using it to their satisfaction. Remix OS gives you access to over 2+ million Android apps and games. Most are free and can be installed with a single click from any Android app store of your choice.

Specification of TECNO Droipad 10 Pro II

The Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro will feature a lot amazing Specifications. After the Remix OS, the next amazing specs is the Monster Battery. The DroiPad 10 Pro is a 10.1” IPS Touchscreen, with a powerful 7000mAh battery capacity, 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, 2GB ram and 32GB internal memory.

Tecno Droidpad 10 Pro phone

The Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro will also arrive with a detachable keyboard. But the Monster Battery, is among the top specs that triggers the attractiveness of the phone. For the Fingerprint Scanner, the Front and Back Camera Specs, it build and many others are yet to be known!

Meanwhile, for now, this is the only specs it will feature. We don’t have more concrete specifications. But it looks like the latest Phones are arriving with Fingerprint Scanner and 4G LTE including Metal build in all the whole body, so we should also be expecting fewer of this on Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro!

Launching Date and Price of Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II

We are not sure of this. Maybe, Tecno might just launch the phone tomorrow, *winks* We are not yet sure of the launching date and price of the Phone. Although, the Tecno Camon C7 is yet to be launched. Infinix were supposed to launch their Infinix Hot S today including the OnePlus 3 but it looks like everything has changed!

Tecno Droidpad 10 Pro

Tecno Droipad 10 Pro

But looking at the list of Phones that are yet to be launched this year from Tecno Mobile. We are either looking at the either ending of this year or the first Q1 of 2017! So maybe, Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro might be among the 2017 Android Smartphone. And looking at the price of the phone. The Droid Pad 10 Pro might be sold at a costly rate, of which we are not yet sure.

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