In a bid and order to control the damages made to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. They have made it to the internet again to announce to the users of Note 7, that if they are willing to return your Note 7 and have another Galaxy, you will be paid $100 without working.

Although at first, the amount was $25 but after noticing that their customers were not regarding that aspect and changing to other brands, Samsung are left with no choice than to make it $100. Meanwhile, they have already given a deadline warning to their customers regarding the case.

According to the report from Samsung, that starting 3 PM ET, customers can return their devices and receive “up to a $100 total bill credit” for customers exchanging their Note 7 for any Samsung smartphone. If you already received $25 from the initial recall – Samsung will give your extra $75.


To clear the air, the $100 credit is in addition to a refund for the price difference between the Note 7 and other Samsung phones, as well as any respective accessories at the time of purchase.

The exact prices vary depending on where you bought your device, but given the Note7 retailed for about $900, the S7 Edge for $780 and the S7 for about $670, you could get quite a hefty sum of cash back for your troubles. Stay Updated!

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