Everybody wants to see whats happening around their surroundings and compound. So today, FBL is going to list out some amazing applications that is going to turn your Mobile Phone to a surveillance camera.

It is quite amazing, the applications will only turn your Mobile Phone to an active Surveillance camera or a spying camera only when you activate them. All you have to do is to take an advantage of your Phone Camera.

3. My Webcam

This is “My Webcam” that is capable to turn your Phone camera to a Spying or a Surveillance camera. My Webcam is compatible with Windows 10 and allows us to use the mobile IP camera as long as the device we have has a memory RAM greater than 512 MB.

My Webcam

Anyway, it is not a Free app, as it needs some cash to activate it, the cost is 3.99 euros. Download from the Microsoft store to get yours.

2. Presence

Another best app, we should look into is “Presence” It is an application that even offers up to 50GB of encrypted storage in the cloud to store all recorded videos.

It also has a system of notifications and with different complements to configure it to our liking.


It supports Android and iOS devices. You can download them from the Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

1. Sailent Eye

The Sailent Eye is one of the best app that is made for the same purposes. And the features is impressive. The application that detects movement and that notifies us by an SMS or email if there is any alteration.

The Salient Eye provides a link to access content that has been recorded during that period of time. In addition, it also allows activating an alarm that announces to a hypothetical intruder that has been detected.

Sailent Eye

The Sailent Eye app supports Android and iOS devices. You can download them from the Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

Others includes: DVR.Webcam, Alfred, TrackView. All this listed applications fully turns your smartphones, tablets and PCs into a connected mobile video surveillance & monitoring system with location tracking, event detection, alert and cloud recording capabilities.

And most of them has a PC version of its own. So you are liable to enjoy the surveillance camera for your Mobile Phone.

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