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How to stop all MTN monthly data plan auto renewal?

    A lot of MTN customers are mostly found on the internet, search for codes / ways to stop or cancels messages from MTN, block calls and many more from MTN. Am wondering, is MTN not seeing this?

    However, the voice of the subscribers are really overwhelming and alarming. Today, we will show you how to stop all MTN data plans auto-renewals. Lets checkout what happened to a year ago:

    I subscribed to MTN N1000, and after a month, I recharge N5000 to subscribe to a much bigger plan, suddenly, MTN deducted N1000 for their 30days monthly plan. I was left with no choice than to recharge N1000 to activate the 10GB data plan for N5000.

    This short scenario is quite offensive and inadequate, I had no choice than to search google on how to stop all data bundle plan auto renewal immediately. What if, this happened to you and you don’t have a single back-UP in your account?

    How to stop MTN monthly data plan auto-renewal?

    – For 1GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO106” to 131
    – For 1.5GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO130” to 131
    – For 2.5GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO110” to 131
    – For 5GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO107” to 131
    – For 10GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO116” to 131
    – For 22GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO117” to 131
    – For 50GB 2 Months Plan – Send “NO118” to 131
    – For 85GB 3 Months Plan – Send “NO133” to 131

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of searches and complains from MTN users. And we will do our possible best to locate and address any disturbing questions concerning auto-renewals.

    The above codes are to stop auto renewal on MTN. There are still other questions on the Internet. Like how to stop mtn instagram auto renewal, stop mtn whatsapp auto renewal and many more.