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How to stop MTN daily and weekly data auto-renewals?

    MTN Daily and weekly data plans are quite interesting and affordable to purchase. It allows MTN customers to easily subscribe and browse for the limited hours.

    But what if the data plan is auto-renew? trouble and problems start. Auto-renewal is sometimes activated by us, the customers but mostly by MTN without our consent. Well, I am definitely happy for NCC’s intervention in our network’s problem.

    So today, we will show the codes to send in order to deactivate all daily plans and weekly plans from MTN. To cancel all MTN daily and weekly auto-renewal data bundles, you can follow the following steps.

    How to stop MTN daily auto renewal plan?

    – For 50MB Daily Plan – Send “NO104” to 131
    – For 150MB Daily Plan – Send “NO113” to 131

    That is how you can easily stop MTN daily plan auto-renewal.

    How to stop MTN weekly data auto-renewal?

    – For 150MB Weekly Plan – Send “NO102” to 131
    – For 500MB Weekly Plan – Send “NO103” or “NO113” to 131

    The above message codes allow you to stop all MTN weekly auto-renewal. From now henceforth, you are free from MTN and their secret auto-renewals.