Developing a hit piece of gaming software is no easy task. Making something which stands above the rest of the pack requires serious inspiration, attention to detail, and hard work. Even if you do manage to pull off something great, the rapidly evolving pace of the online marketplace means you can’t just rest on your laurels.

In 2019, as in previous years, keeping a fresh gaming catalogue means paying constant attention to every aspect of your offering and every facet of the industry, old and new.

Updating the Classics

There are very few games which manage to stay popular without any changes. Games like chess are one in a million, and even chess is not without visual changes on the digital front. A more obvious example, played by millions of people a day, are classic card games like blackjack. Even though the original version is an all-time classic, modern developers like Genesis Gaming have updated variants like the one discussed at online casino review and comparison hub, which add a twist to the established formula. This happens not because the classics necessarily need a change, but rather because of their base popularity. Standing out means trying something new, and this is the route which newer software developers need to take.

Such profound modifications aren’t a requirement here either, as constant update patches have also proven a successful path in some sectors. Major survival simulator Rust, for example, has been available for years. As you can see over at their blog at, this hasn’t stopped the developers from consistently adding content. In this way, we can see that keeping a catalogue fresh through modification can come from multiple avenues.

Reinventing the Wheel

A much more difficult task, but one which pays the biggest rewards, is born from making something new entirely. In AAA gaming, this has been illustrated by DOTA and, more recently, PUBG and Fortnite. You can read our install guide to the latter at

Staying at the Top of the Class with Modern Gaming Software in 2019

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The companies which developed these games were popular in their own right. They may have been firmly in the middle of the pack, but they were in no risk of closure. By making a big leap to try something new, however, the developers of these games struck gold. DOTA effectively invented the MOBA genre, which is now the most popular and profitable eSports genre in the world, according to PUBG made similar progress in popularizing the battle royale genre, which Fortnite brought to the next level.

The issue with this method is that, while it might be the most profitable method, it also the least predictable one. This is why attempts such as these tend to start out as smaller efforts, because putting all of your software eggs in one untested basket is not a sound business decision.

In Simple Terms

The one takeaway from both of these methods is that success is found in being diligent. Keeping a popular gaming catalogue in the enormous markets of today means trying something new while at the same time taking into account that which has proven itself.

There is no easy recipe to stay at the front of the pack. That said, paying reverence to the classics and the new, and looking for untapped forms of integration, is certainly a good start. It works for hardware like these Huawei phones at, and it works for software too.

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