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Facebook’s new experimental meme-making app is called Whale

Facebook’s new meme-making app is called Whale, and it is the company’s latest experiment. Whale app allows users to design their photos with text and stickers to create memes. At the end of the editing the photos with text and stickers, users can either share

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How to use the unsend feature on Facebook messenger

Finally, you can now unsend messages on Facebook messenger. Allowing you to delete messages from everyone’s view on Facebook Messenger. With this new Facebook’s messenger feature, you can stop any wrong message sent to a conversation. Literally, this is seems to be among the top


Facebook leaks 6.8 million of users private photos to app developers

Facebook in a recent update leaked over 6.8million private photos of their users to app. It lasted for a period of 12days, 13th to 25th of September. 6.8million private photos of Facebook users isn’t up to the 25million personal details, that was recently stolen. Fortunately,