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Come and see Sneakers that comes with LCD Screen, Working Airplane Seatbelt, Wifi & costs ₦2.2Million

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Popularly as we know Sneakers is one of the many types of Shoe we would love to get and use as well but with the price and the current fluctuating price of Dollar in Nigeria, some sneakers can’t be seen on few people legs.

And then, there is a Sneakers that covers all other Sneakers, this particular one comes with a Working Airplane Seatbelt, Wifi And An LCD Screen For Watching Movies. All you have to do is to BUY it first and then the following steps would be more simple and easy for you.

This is an elusive Virgin America First Class shoes! If you loved the Nike Back to Back shoe then what sentence or statement will you classify this sneakers when you set your eyes on it?


The new Virgin America pair of sneakers that was created by agency Eleven, will give you the “flying first class” experience without ever leaving the ground. It can do a lot of amazing work like a mid-range smartphone can do expect calls, sms, games, application but when it comes to the rest, Virgin got your back!

The sneakers are made of Italian white leather. The high-tech kicks are made from Italian white leather – to match Virgin America’s first class seats – with a stainless steel seat buckle around the ankle. A rechargeable battery powers built-in mood lighting, a USB phone charger, a video display and a Wi-Fi-enabled hotspot (data plan not included).


Well, the shoes can also feature LED moodlighting, a working airplane belt buckle, a USB port connected to a three-hour battery, and even a tiny LCD display for watching movies. A statement from Mike McKay, chief creative officer at Eleven, said “Virgin America fliers are fashionable, sophisticated, and almost impossible to reach with traditional advertising. But we knew sneaker trends were very popular with our target audience”

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