Snapchat introduces group video / voice chat – Supports 16+ friends all at once!

One of the best video sharing app, Snapchat has just launched a group video chat update and it is kind of amazing. This new update, allows 16 people to video chat all at once.

Planning on having a group party, group discussion but coming closer might exhausts time and strength? then the new Snapchat group video chat is there to help feel in the distance and length.

Although, the company who are in serious competition had already introduced the group chat features but the video chat now allows you to do more and perfectly.

snapchat group video chat

Well, on how to use the group video chat is quite simple. The user, when in a group chat can tap the video icon in a group chat to get started. On clicking the icon, it will automatically notifies all the friends in the group chat.

So, all your 16 friends can video chat together at the same time but if the group is bigger than 16, a user may tap the phone icon in a group chat and opt for a group voice call, which will allow up to 32 friends to join. Users also have the option to toggle between video and voice.

It is more surprisingly; when friends are busy video chatting, anyone can decide to chat via text or via voice, this will allow them not to show their face.

The group chat update will be rolling out to users in the coming weeks. So stay tuned for the update on your app!

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