Hi, you can take Selfie with the Dead with this Creepy app!

It is a very creepy app! Many people finds it irritating, many others finds it exclusively amazing, while many others finds it “Appealing” to me, it is…

Well, the app  “With me” was created by ELROIS, Inc and debuted at MWC this week. With this technology, you can 3D-scan someone and turn them into avatars within the app.

The creators are located at Korean where the company is creating an app that will let you take selfies with anyone – even if they’re away, dead, or complete strangers. Okay oh!

selfie with the dead

This is How it is been Done;

Although, “Users put personal information when starting this app, the avatars remember the user from that time and recognizes if there’s some change in appearance and emotion, and mentions it, such as ‘you look younger today, what is your secret?’” Eunjin Lim, spokesperson for Elrois Inc., told Vocativ. “Source”

Firstly, you will first and foremost create the avatar of the person you want to take the selfie with, maybe, the person is not around, then the avatars use sophisticated AI to replicate the persona of the real person.

They’ll also remember who you are and what you look like, and will comment if your mood or appearance is different.

But if taking selfies with the dead isn’t creepy enough, this line from ELROIS might make your skin crawl: “Avatars could be your family, friends, or even celebrities!”

The Avatars will also respond to certain face expressions when taking selfies and recognize emotional change. If you were to pucker up, the avatar will turn to the side and pretend to kiss you. If you were to open your mouth in disbelief, the avatar would do the same.

The app is in its early stages and requires people to visit a 3-D scanning photo booth in order to create their avatar. Elrois hopes the app will be more accessible in the future, as phones include 3-D scanning technology.

“Some people told us that our app reminds them of ‘Black Mirror,’” Lim said. “However, when we think about the reason why we take a picture or video, I could say, people want to leave their memories by what we can see forever. Also, people do everything to remember some precious person to them, or try to move on.”

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