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This Fancy Curtain can contain 17 devices inside the Shower

Of course, Technology is taking over our everyday life style as each and everyone of us is always interested and engaged in some activity (playing games,  musics, watching videos, voice control etc) with our Smartphone.

This is Smartphone addiction and most people takes it to the shower. Introducing to you, Screenholder is a shower curtain that lets people use their devices in the shower.

It is available for all phone sizes which includes Tablets or Phones and can be placed in any direction either horizontal or vertical for each phone sizes, featuring 17 available pockets for any device.


The pockets go on the outside of the curtain and range in size from small enough to comfortably hold a smartphone in place to large enough for a small convertible laptop or tablet.

The company also touts it as a device that can be used to keep an eye on the baby monitor, make phone calls, or listen to music.

Just ensure, your phone is water resistance, if in case, something happened and there is no need for you to be afraid when you have the ScreenHolder. It costs just $26.95 from Amazon.


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