SCOTTeVEST – This Hoodie Cotton can charge your phones inside its 19 pocket!

SCOTTeVEST scanned

This is not the normal Pull over or Sweater you are used to, but this is a high tech cotton cloth that is designed to carry over 19 different of your Tech accessories without applying its heaviness on you!

Scottevest is a clothing company based in Ketchum, Idaho which specializes in garments with conduit systems and specialized pockets and compartments for holding mobile phones, tablet computers and other accessories.

This time around, they did something more extra-ordinary by integrating an inner clothing charge with iPhones. Its 19 different pockets are mainly designed to store sunglasses, cameras, iPads, several phones, passports, and more.

SCOTTeVEST unscanned

It also comes with something it calls a Personal Area Network (PAN), which allows you to route cables between the pockets. And another graceful features is that, it includes a flip-down “Do Not Disturb” eye mask. Very amazing, to shut up the talkers.

It’ll be available in four colors – ash, black, cobalt, and maroon. According to the description on their website:

Featuring 19 pockets for your smartphone, tablet, headphones, keys, wallet, travel documents and all of the other gadgets and daily essentials you need, the new Hoodie Cotton will soon be your favorite hoodie. This hoodie is made from a super soft and relaxed cotton/poly blend fabric including rib knit cuffs with hidden thumbholes provide added function and comfort.


And yes, it is now available, you can get it for $95.

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