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Do you really need to Save all this Personal Info on Social Media?

There are some Personal information’s or details about oneself that is really surprising to find Online. So today, FBL is asking, is it really necessary to saved some important information about yourself?

Social Media is a means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts, where they socialize and engaged in other important activities. But apart from that, they are really some bad aches about Social Media?

Social Media is a Powerful tool, starting from the Social Media Giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. So, I am going to list out some few details that I really think is not supposed to be saved Online.

Social Media

Credit Card Details

Virtually, everyone knows that saving up credit card details online is very risky and terrible. The information on it, can be derived at anytime.

Saving credit card details online especially on social media is very dangerous. The truth there is that, it is never a good option on to leave it on Facebook or any other social media.

Location Services

Hey, You need to Switch on your location to enable this? Is it really necessary to enable that button especially on Social Media? Locations can always track you down.

As location services are only available on Mobile Phones, it is easy to stalk or know where a person is at any point in time as 85% of the population access Facebook only through their phones.

Your Phone Number Details

This is overall seen as the best and easiest Stalker tool! Saving your Phone number on Social Media is somehow disturbing!

So, I don’t really see the need, why you should, save your Phone Number on social media. If somehow, should need your Number, they can hook you up and ask for it.

Your Birthday Details

They are millions of people attached to the same date with your birthday but that does not mean that, one can track you, connecting your name and address.

Social Media

Your Children Info

Is it really important to save your Children’s Information’s on Social Media? Their info includes their Images, Schools Info, Birthday and many others!

Sharing personal information about our children online risks their safety. According to the NSPCC the number of recorded sexual offenses has increased over the last year.

The report says:

Police recorded 36,429 sexual offenses against children in the UK in 2013/2014… in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland police recorded the highest number of sexual offences against children in the past decade.

In Conclusion

They are many other information’s and details that are not supposed to be on the internet, on social media, where people can easily detect your life, track you down.

Another detail is about Marriage, it is good, just to announce that you are engaged, the wedding date and finally, that you are together but after that, any Marriage details should not be seen online.

Do you have any contributions? Lets hear it out within the comment box.

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