Kwesé TV Stores, branches and dealers in Nigeria

Kwesé TV is available in over 20 countries all Africa and they are currently expanding their audiences to other part of the continents and across it. Kwesé TV is among the top rated Satellite Pay-TV in Nigeria, and they stomped the Nigeria Cable TV market

startimes digital TV

How to pay for Startimes subscription with Quickteller

Quickteller is one the most fastest method to pay Satellite TV channels in Nigeria and Startimes is among the top best ones in Nigeria also. Today, we will show you how to simply pay for Startimes subscription with Quickteller. There are multi-ways to pay for

StarTimes DTH S2 Decoder

How to pay for Startimes subscription with mobile phone

You will all agree that it is kind of frustrating to pay for your subscription by visiting the nearest walk-in center, (nearest might be a far Journey) but paying with your mobile phone is much more faster. Here is how to  pay for Startimes subscription


How to pay for DSTV subscription on Quickteller

DSTv is of course, one of the best Satellite Pay TV in Nigeria, and other top Africa and Asia countries. DStv undoubtedly, offers wide-range of services that can keep you up and running through the day! There is the news channel, movie, music channels and

dstv box office to rent movies

How To Fund Your DSTV Box Office Account

We have successfully explained what the DSTV box office is all about and how the DSTV box office works. It is quite simple and much more understandable. The DSTV Box office is a movie rental platform that allows one to rent movies and watch it

DSTV box office

What is DSTV Box Office and how it works?

DSTV Box office offers over 15+ movie at a go. Although, they all have expiring date, but one thing is sure. The Box Office is always equipped with movies 24/7. The DSTV Box office is available to both Smartphones, tablet, PC and DSTV explora. You

dstv box office to rent movies

How to rent a movie with DSTV box office

Definitely, you will concur that DSTV is among the most rated Satellite Pay TV service in Nigeria, and many other Africa, Asia countries. DSTV Satellite TV offers a wide range of services starting from DSTV catch-up, DSTV now, and many others. How to rent a


How to reset DSTV decoder after payment

Virtually, all the Satellite TV decoders nationwide and worldwide display a lot of errors over time. But with the help of their users, and their online testing unit, the various company’s have been able to provide subsequent answers and solutions. DSTV is among the top

Startimes app

How to download Startimes live streaming app

Officially, Startimes unveils their own app that you can use to live stream videos or movies. It is now accessible even by Nigerians. And also, Startimes is also offering a lot of opportunities and special bonus. After so many long run, the company who started


How to pay for Zuku TV Packages in Uganda

Among other amazing Satellite TV in Ugandan, Zuku TV is among the top best in this country and they offer more attractive, incentive packages at lower price than their competitors. Zuku TV decoder is available in different countries, and they includes Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania

startimes digital TV

StarTimes Nigeria: Plans, Channels and Decoder Prices

One of the best Pay-Tv in Nigeria is the Startimes Satellite TV that offers wide ranges of channels for both movies lovers, songs / musics lovers including the sports channel at affordable prices. We will be listing out the complete Startimes Bouquet, the packages and

Upgrade na Startimes

How to upgrade your StarTimes bouquet without paying any money

Are you using one of the biggest Satellite Pay-TV in Kenya and you feel like upgrading to a more bigger bouquet or subscription plan? then say hello to Upgrade na Startimes. Well, this isn’t about down-grading to a lower bouquet, which is also successful but


How to pay for DSTV online using GTBank

Watching movies, matches games, reality show, drama and many others has been awesome using DSTV. All you have to do is to subscribe to DSTv channels that you can afford, as they have a lot of other packages, ranging from high to low prices. So