For years, Samsung and Apple have been battling it out in the smartphone arena in an attempt to claim the throne as the best mobile device provider. Although both brands have recently started to lose ground to Chinese competitors in terms of sales, it’s clear that, even in 2019, they are competing when it comes to premium, technological advancements.

There was a time not too long ago when the obvious answer to this debate would have been Apple, a company that has always remained at the forefront of innovation. After all, for many of us, the first smartphone we ever had or even knew about was an iPhone. However, it didn’t take long for Samsung to catch up with its American competition, offering far more open Android systems and brand-new features that Apple was yet to come up with.

Now, in 2019, it seems that both companies are equal. Apple’s most recent range of smartphones is undoubtedly impressive, offering three different versions known as the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR, and the iPhone XS Max. Both XS models feature Super Retina displays, while the XR has a Liquid Retina HD screen.

Meanwhile, Samsung has released a very similar range of smartphone devices known as Samsung Galaxy S10. The S10e, S10, and S10+ are even similar sizes to their Apple counterparts, though are often packed with more memory instead of top-of-the-range displays.

With the two brands and ranges being so incredibly similar, it all comes down to what each of us as individuals is looking for in a mobile device. If we want really good cameras, for example, the S10+ offers three, two with 12MP and one with 16MP. However, if you’re much more bothered about general user-friendliness, then Apple has Samsung beat hands down.

In this modern world though, there tends to be two main aspects that mobile users consider before purchasing a smartphone: gaming and security. So, let’s try and work out which brand is better based on which recent range is best at these two crucial elements.

Samsung VS Apple – Which Offers The Best Gaming Experience?

Chances are, you remember a little game called Angry Birds – one of the first smartphone games to truly become a worldwide sensation. Since then, there have been dozens of other smartphone apps that have attracted millions of players, both casual and hardcore.

Of course, it isn’t just app developers who are creating games for smartphones; many big brands that previously existed on console or online are now joining the fray too. Video game developers Bethesda created Fallout Shelter, a mobile version of their incredibly successful Fallout series, while Activision Blizzard recently announced a Call of Duty game for IOS and Android.

As for online gaming developers, many are ahead of the curve. For instance, iGaming provider 888 Casino offers a wide variety of card games and slots on their various websites, all of which are optimized for mobile, in addition to being available on an app for IOS and Android devices. To be successful in this day and age, you not only need to be available on the web but also on smartphones.

Needless to say, it’s important that modern IOS and Android models are able to not only support gaming apps and browser games but present them in the best way. If we were to focus on display alone, the iPhone XS Max manages to pull away from its competitors. Sure, the S10+ has a sharp, crisp, 6.4” Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED display and a higher resolution, but the XS Max excels in a few other crucial areas. For instance, the XS Max is capable of displaying much more vivid colors and its extra 0.1” really does seem to be making a difference among reviewers.

Apple’s device also wins when it comes to audio, delivering much richer, louder sounds than the S10+. As for overall performance, it’s difficult to beat Apple’s famous A12 Bionic chip but the S10+ wasn’t all that far behind. In fact, the S10+ is actually better at displaying extreme graphics according to Tom’s Guide, where they put each model through a rigorous test.

Where the S10+ truly shines though is when it comes to battery life, lasting over 12 hours on full brightness, while the XS Max lasted just over ten hours. This is arguably the most important aspect for mobile gamers, as we know any display and performance delivered by modern mobiles will far outperform other models we’ve had to deal with over the years. What gamers absolutely can’t deal with is a dead phone so, really, when it comes to gaming, the Samsung S10+ just manages to pull in front of the iPhone XS Max.

Samsung VS Apple – Which Offers The Best Security?

Earlier in March, BGR revealed that Apple recently applied for patents on some seriously futuristic security features they may be putting into upcoming iPhones. These patents detail a new Face ID system that scans the veins and blood vessels in a user’s face. The tech is being named “subepidermal imaging”, and according to Apple may even rule out the possibility of identical twins opening each other’s iPhone due to its accuracy.

With such next-gen tech on the horizon, we have to ask: is the Apple X range as secure as this? Well, the obvious answer is no but it’s still pretty good. They feature a facial scanner and thumbprint technology, which are both great, but the problem is Samsung has also put these features into the S10 range – and they’ve done it better.

The S10+ features an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in its display, offering almost instantaneous access to your smartphone. The Face ID is also incredibly innovative, as you don’t have to look directly into the device to unlock it, though this does tend to lead to more false negatives than on the iPhone X.

In addition to this, there’s just no denying that iPhone models are more secure when it comes to the more techy security features. On Androids, it’s easy to download apps from outside the store or even add malicious apps to the Play Store, while Apple has always been much more careful when it comes to this. Sure, this means that Apple products are often more restrictive, but that also makes them more secure. Apple is also constantly updating iPhone operating systems, making continuous corrections and patches to any possible threats, while it’s borderline impossible to do the same of a Samsung due to the sheer amount of Android devices. All in all, the iPhone X range takes the trophy when it comes to security.


It’s impossible to suggest which of the new smartphone ranges is better, and even more difficult to decide which company is superior overall. What we can tell you is that Samsung models tend to have a lot more battery life than their Apple counterparts, which makes them better gaming devices. However, when it comes to security features, it seems Apple will be the victor for many years to come. Unfortunately, our answer must be a pretty vague one: the best smartphone brand is the one that best suits your individual needs.

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